quotables | no. 2

This philosophy has definitely come to the forefront in the last 6+ months. I work hard and I work a lot, but I also carve out a lot more time to unplug than I used to. Rather than sitting in front of the tv at night with my MacBook Pro on my lap (but not really being productive), my computer now pretty much stays in my office while I spend most evenings and weekends relaxing, connecting with Nick and/or our friends, and living. It’s no wonder that I feel much more creative, productive, inspired and fulfilled (and a lot less exhausted) these days.

by Departika on Etsy, found via Jessica Bishop on Pinterest

quotables | no. 1

I tend to pin a lot of quotes on Pinterest — I’ve always loved a good quote to get me fired up/over something/optimistic, and I’m especially a sucker for one that’s been laid out with pretty type — so I thought I’d share some periodically on the blog.

This one is available as a 10″ x 26″ letterpress print and it’s on my wish list, for sho’. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a great quote, it’s letterpress, has stacked type, and includes a few of my favorite fonts. Gimme!

for sale at crazyonesquote.com, found via Donna Fung on Pinterest