These are Things (I want)

Who wants to buy this for me? Come on… any takers?

American Flags Map from These Are Things

For Christmas, I gave Nick a framed print of a vintage map of our town; he loves all kinds of maps, and I love all the different maps that have been popping up in the design world lately. Perhaps maps could be a fun theme throughout our new home? Have I justified my inevitable purchase of this yet?

quotables | no. 1

I tend to pin a lot of quotes on Pinterest — I’ve always loved a good quote to get me fired up/over something/optimistic, and I’m especially a sucker for one that’s been laid out with pretty type — so I thought I’d share some periodically on the blog.

This one is available as a 10″ x 26″ letterpress print and it’s on my wish list, for sho’. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a great quote, it’s letterpress, has stacked type, and includes a few of my favorite fonts. Gimme!

for sale at, found via Donna Fung on Pinterest

dreaming of Paris

Did you hear? Jordan Ferney is giving away a trip for two to Paris!

I am most certainly dreaming of winning. With thousands of entries so far I know my chances are slim, but a girl can dream, right?

During the summer before my senior year at Delaware, I studied abroad in London and I was able to take a 3-day side trip to Paris. (Sidenote: this was in 2001, just months before 9/11, and I remember my mom and brother being able to come with me to my gate at PHL before boarding the flight to London. Weird.)

The whole trip was life-changing for me as it was my first time leaving the US, but Paris was an especially magical place that impacted me immensely. I would love to go back with Nick to see it through more grown-up eyes alongside my best friend. I think I’d appreciate and savor it much more and notice things I wouldn’t have noticed as a college student.

The below photos were taken pre-digital days with a Kodak Advantix. Remember those things??

One of the best things about the study abroad trip was that one of my classes required that I keep a scrapbook of the entire trip. Without this requirement, I may not have held onto all of the little notes and mementos that I did, or kept such a detailed journal of my trip. When I learned about Jordan’s giveaway, I got out the ol’ scrapbook to page through it and reminisce. It was such fun to read the thoughts of a 20-year old me.

Look, almost exactly ten years ago! Man, I’m old…

Yes, my first meal in Paris was PIZZA. I am not proud of this, but I find it hilarious that this probably still seemed so Parisian and awesome to me. I didn’t care. I was in PARIS.

I love that I have this record of where I stayed (I never would have remembered otherwise) — if ever I’m back in Paris, I’ll have to see if the Alcyon Hotel is anything like I remember.

I always loved this picture, taken from the tip-top of the Eiffel Tower, of the shadow it cast onto the city below.

What is your dream travel destination? Did you go anywhere when you were younger that you’d like to revisit as an adult?

return of the favorite dress

Remember this Anthro dress?

It quickly became a favorite of mine, and it’s super versatile, in addition to being extremely comfy. I even wore it for some fancy new company photos a few months ago.

photo by my biz partner and friend, Maggie

Well, it’s now available in two more prints (and a solid, though I really didn’t like the last solid I tried on in this style). I’m pretty sure this pretty little one has to be mine.

Gathered Hemlock dress in orange

what I wore: four seasons, one closet, endless recipes for personal style

I’m so excited that Jessica Quirk‘s What I Wore book will be out soon! I’ve learned a lot from the style tips she posts daily on her blog, but I still always seem to have a hard time knowing what basics should be in my closet and at-the-ready for whatever may come my way. I look forward to getting my hands on her book when it hits shelves in August. Until then, it’s available for pre-order!

image via

an exception

Normally I cannot even think about Christmas until I’m eating my Thanksgiving leftovers (moist-maker sandwich, anyone?). And Christmas music before Halloween is absolutely, 100% out. of. the question.

But then… I saw these. And suddenly I want Christmas to come a little sooner so I have an excuse to buy them.

Santa’s Village wool felt finger puppets

Snowman wool felt finger puppets

Seriously? Seriously. Check out Stayawake’s shop on Etsy for more adorable finger puppet goodness.

Found via exit, pursued by bear