salt water taffy

My sweet friend Penny surprised me with a little get-well gift the other day (ya know, on account of the stones). She’s super. I knew I’d love it as soon as I saw the Sephora box it arrived in, and I was delighted to find this adorable set of Philosophy Salt Water Taffy bath products inside. They can be used as shampoo, shower gel or bubble bath.

image via Sephora

I never, ever treat myself to goodies like this, so I was pretty excited to test them out — I tried the lemon taffy scent as a body wash the other day, and I do declare that I smelled DELICIOUS. If I didn’t know better, I’d seriously eat this stuff. But I won’t. I promise.

I don’t think I’ve taken a bath since I was a kid (meaning that I take showers, not baths…just wanted to make that clear!) but I may have to indulge in a bubble bath someday soon with my new Salt Water Taffy goodness. All in all, a great gift from a thoughtful friend.

Are you a bath or shower kind of person? Do you ever indulge in treats like this for yourself?

happy Compliment Day!

Have you heard? Today is National Compliment Day! Inspired by a great year filled with supportive clients, family, friends, and blog readers, my Curious & Company partners and I decided to embrace Compliment Day by sending kind words to our awesome network of people. Along with our thanks, we included some compliments perfect for sharing and encouraged folks to be generous with their kindness.

Since I think YOU all are awesome, I want you to share in the compliment-giving goodness, too! CLICK HERE to download a PDF of compliments that you can print and hand out to your heart’s content. I think it’s even more amazing to give compliments than it is to receive them, so I hope you’ll agree and enjoy dishing them out.

For even more downloads and daily doses of kindness, head over to my friend Melissa’s blog, Operation NICE! Because we should definitely be nice to others more than just once a year.

oh, hi.

Happy July, friends! It’s been another quiet week here at Claremont Road. I’ve been super busy with work and trying to soak up this awesome spring-like weather while it lasts…. oh, and working on getting a new (and I mean TOTALLY new!) blog design up. (Stay tuned! I’m pretty pumped about it.)

I’ll be back as soon as inspiration strikes :)

for dad

We were away this weekend so this post is a little late… but I just wanted to give a little shout-out to my dad on this Father’s Day! I definitely got my love of dancing from him, and he always laughs at my jokes. What more could a girl ask for?? I’ll forgive him for passing on his dark, large eyebrows to me (they need a lot of taming) since he’s so nice.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

wedding photos by The Wiebners

under the stars

Have I told you how much we love the town we live in? I’ve lived here, in the same apartment, for almost six years now; Nick moved in with me after two years. We are within walking distance of some fantastic little restaurants and bars, there are some nice little shops and small businesses that we like to support, the people are friendly, and it’s just a very happy little place to live. We’re a quick 25-minute drive to Center City Philly, a mere 15 minutes away from the airport, and convenient to pretty much everything we need. Now that I work from home, it’s not unusual for five or six days to go by without me needing to drive my car anywhere; I can walk to Trader Joe’s if we need groceries, and we pretty much never go to a restaurant that requires that we drive there. Why bother when everything we need is right here?

The summer before we got married, they started doing “Dining Under the Stars” on Wednesday nights: the streets are closed off to cars and become filled with tables from all the restaurants, filled with jovial diners. Last night, it was just too gorgeous out to sit at home while we could hear the murmur of the crowd around the corner, so we blew our strict dining-out budget and took advantage.

It was like a bit of happiness and love for our town all rolled into one perfect little evening.

We love this place.