Proust Q&A on Fleurishing

Another day, another link! Head on over to Fleurishing to see my responses to the Proust questionnaire that the lovely Susan asked me to fill out. I had fun coming up with my answers… I hope you have fun reading them!

While you’re at it, I highly recommend that you also head over to nesting (Susan’s business) and sign up to be notified when the full website is live — this is another project in the works over at Curious & Company, and the reason that Susan and I met! She has great things in store for her business and we can’t wait to show off her website when it’s finished.

Okay, no more self-promotion for me this week — I promise :)

guest post on A Blog About Things

Another day, another guest post! I found Pat’s blog, A Blog About Things, after our mutual friend Eric told me about it a few years ago. I came to love Pat’s witty pop-culture-centric posts (including fantastic SYTYCD recaps!) and his sense of humor. A few months later, Pat’s then roommate, Carolyn, coincidentally became a bee with me (she’s lovely, by the way), and this further verified what I had thought from the very beginning: Pat and I were destined to be blog-friends. He has asked me to participate in his Summer Friday guest blogger series, and I am honored to be included!

Head over to A Blog About Things to read about my working-from-home experience, as well as my tips for how to make the most of workin’ in your pajamas!

GUEST POST: A Starter Course for New Runners OR How to Run Without Falling Over. Really.

Please welcome my good friend Penny for the very first guest post EVER on Claremont Road! Take it away, girlfriend…

Hello! My name’s Penny, and I am a map artist and blogger over at Pantomime Papers. There are lots of pencils and paper in my life!

In addition to drawing, I’m also an endurance runner. I know your very own Brooke-o-licious has been working through the Couch25K running program, and so I thought many of you might be doing the same thing. Perhaps you are even training for your first 10k, half marathon, or – lawsy – full marathon! Two years ago, I couldn’t even run a half mile straight through… but in December 2009, I completed my first full marathon. I learned so much about running during all my race training through trial and error – I thought some of you new runners out there could benefit from my pulled muscles and crying in the gutter! (Seriously, I had a rainy 18-mile training run that had me crying six ways to Sunday – don’t tell anyone.)

SO, these are my best tips – the tips that helped take me from couch to crossing the finish line. Every runner is different, so definitely take what sounds helpful and leave the rest. This is just what worked for me! Seriously, you can do this, whether your goal is to be able to run 1 mile, a 5k, a 10k – anything. As the most unathletic person I know… if I can become a runner, anybody can do it. You might even start to enjoy it!

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