Truthfulhood Project | no. 2

Truthfulhood Project no. 2

Being a parent has been a whole new (very humbling) lesson in letting go of perfectionism. There are times when I simply can’t manage work, a household, daycare drop-offs and pick-ups, doctors appointments, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, etc….and still put together a Pinterest-worthy birthday party, bedroom, meal, or wardrobe for my 3-year-old. Let’s be honest: sometimes I can’t even be sure I remembered to clean the oatmeal off his face from breakfast before I drop him off at daycare.

Finding a healthy balance of doing cool, creative things for Graham without becoming obsessed with perfection is hard for this Type A overachiever. I’ve had to become okay with “good enough.” Choosing practicality and frugality over the temptation of ALL THE THINGS that seem like they’d make me be the coolest mom on the block (or, uh, Instagram) is a test of willpower sometimes. But then I remember that Graham doesn’t notice or care about any of it, as long as he’s surrounded by love, and fun, and snacks, and laughter, and trucks. Lots and lots of trucks.

What is the Truthfulhood Project? Throughout 2016, I’ll be creating a new weekly project for myself. Each week, I will create a piece of art (be it hand lettering, a graphic pattern, orrrrr maybe a scribble on a post-it if I’m really tired) that expresses a truth of my motherhood experience, and share it on Instagram, along with some sort of story behind it. Follow along here, or on Instagram. #truthfulhood #truthfulhoodproject