Truthfulhood Project | no. 1

Truthfulhood Project no. 1

Change is hard… for me. 

Graham is rounding out the first week of sleeping in his big boy room, and we expected some hiccups with the change. With the exception, however, of finding some excellent excuses to call us in the first few nights before falling asleep (“Mommy… um, my arm hurts. Can you kiss it?”), and two earlier-than-usual mornings, he has handled the transition like a complete rockstar. And this morning, he was so excited and proud of himself for staying in bed all night, he immediately gifted me with some Lego flowers when I went in to get him. 

I’ve never been the best at handling change with grace, but the non-stop changes and transitions (and Lego flower bouquets) that come with being a parent get me straight through the heart sometimes, more than I ever expected they could. 💘 Oftentimes this motherhood gig is exhausting and thankless, but other times its sweetness is more than my emotions (read: pregnancy hormones) can handle.

What is the Truthfulhood Project? Throughout 2016, I’ll be creating a new weekly project for myself. Each week, I will create a piece of art (be it hand lettering, a graphic pattern, orrrrr maybe a scribble on a post-it if I’m really tired) that expresses a truth of my motherhood experience, and share it on Instagram, along with some sort of story behind it. Follow along here, or on Instagram. #truthfulhood #truthfulhoodproject