Listy McListerson

I love making lists. Scratch that: I NEED to make lists. Sometimes I don’t know where to begin with a task if I don’t have a list telling me what to do.

I still love a good ol’ paper list, but I also have three different list-making apps that are invaluable when I’m on the go. Paper lists often get lost but my iPhone is essentially always nearby, so it’s easy to jot things down in a few seconds when I remember something we need at the store or a work task that needs to be completed.

Below are my top three can’t-live-without-them apps that I think any list lover will find useful.

Top Three Apps for List Lovers

I use TeuxDeux as my daily to-do list for work. There is a mobile app as well as a desktop interface that perfectly serves my needs, and bonus: it’s sleek and beautifully designed (by the fabulous SwissMiss). It’s always open in a tab in my browser while I work, reminding me of today’s tasks that need to be completed, and I can also see the next 5 days at a glance. It’s simple to add tasks, move them around, and strike through them when I’m done (the best part for any list-making addict, amiright?) There is a place to add “someday” tasks or lists, but otherwise it is pretty fuss-free and simple. The mobile app is great for adding things that I think of when I’m away from my computer, but I definitely use this app the most when I’m sitting at my desk. There is now a $24 fee per year, which is rather steep, but after already having been sucked into it while it was free for several years and not finding a better replacement, I decided to pay for it in order to keep being able to use it.

Nick and I use KeyRing to keep records of all our rewards or club cards on our iPhones (so we don’t have to carry them around in our wallets or on our key rings), and we also use it to keep track of three shopping lists: grocery, Target, and Trader Joe’s. We add items as we find that we need them and the lists are synced, so whoever gets time to go to the store first can pick up what we need. I love that you can also connect a photo to an item on the list — if Nick is going to Target and doesn’t know what kind of moisturizer I need, I just take a picture of the item I’m running out of at home so he has it to refer to on the list.

We used to use Wunderlist for our shopping lists before we discovered that we could use KeyRing for that purpose (which makes the most sense at places like Giant where we need to scan our club card — the app is already open if we are also using it as our shopping list). However, I still use Wunderlist for personal lists, like packing lists for weekends away, thank you cards that need to be sent, party planning prep, etc. It has a nice looking interface, which of course makes me enjoy using it!

What list making apps do you use?


  1. Wish I could “like” this a la Facebook …

    I’m using Evernote, but I don’t think it’s a permanent solution for me, as it doesn’t allow for due dates, repeating tasks, etc., and I’m not a fan of the mobile apps. But finding a new app takes time! Guess I need to put it on my to-do list …

    • I’ve never been able to get on board with Evernote… I think because it does TOO MUCH? I guess I prefer apps that have a more focused purpose, even if that means that I need three different ones for the different kind of lists I keep!

  2. Wow, I am now obsessed with WunderList and KeyRing, and it’s only been 24 hours! What other genius lifehacks can you share?!?

  3. I might have to check these out – unfortunately, no matter how much I use technology everywhere else in my life, I just can’t seem to kick the pen and paper to-do lists. It’s something about crossing off each item with a big fat line whenever I’ve accomplished it!

    • I know, I love paper lists, too, but I tend to always leave them on my desk when I’m running out, or I lost them, etc…. I pretty much ALWAYS have my phone with me, so it’s the right solution for me! :)

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