Coming up for air

It has been a very long time since I’ve blogged. It turns out that balancing a family and a business leaves little time for much else, and I’m pretty okay with that most days. But then there are days when I miss doing things for myself — reading, baking, creating (non-work things), and blogging are at the top of the list. I make promises to myself to get back into some old hobbies, and then Graham looks at me with puppy dog eyes, hands me a book to read to him as he crawls into my lap, and my hobbies go out the window again — because, really, what’s more important than spending time with my littlest best friend?

(Skip ahead to a few days later when I yearn for some hobbies again, puppy dog eyes, yada yada yada… rinse and repeat.)

I don’t typically get into New Years resolutions, but after the fog that was the first few months of parenthood in late 2012, to the full year of adjustments, kidney stones (yup, again!) and hospital bills that was 2013, I’m ready for 2014 to be a brighter and more goal-oriented year. Graham was a daily bright spot in my life, of course, but I still need to take some time for myself this year to be a better mom, wife, friend and designer. Even small things go a long way in helping my sanity and well-being. On the top of my list:

• finish reading Mockingjay, which I was in the middle of reading when Graham was born and I never picked it up again. Oops! I’d also like to read more in general.
• Get back into an exercise routine. (Damn you, Exercise, for being necessary, because I truly loathe you in the hours leading up to you… and then feel a million times better afterwards. You’re a jerk, exercise.)
• Re-learn knitting and get better at it. My mother-in-law taught me how to knit years ago, and after making scarves for everyone I know, I abandoned it and never learned how to make anything more interesting. I’d like to give it another shot.
• See some live theatre again, and maybe volunteer at our local theatre. Tickets can get expensive so this isn’t something I’ve done for quit some time, but I really miss going to shows and being part of a theatre community.
• Blog more. First I need to redesign this blog that I strongly dislike, which will motivate me to write more. I need to write down post ideas before they escape me, yet at the same time stop caring if it’s perfect or interesting before I post it. Because who cares? I like having readers, but I also blog because I like doing it. Whether I have 5 or 5,000 readers shouldn’t really matter.

What have you been up to lately, friends? Any goals for 2014?


  1. I’m in the same position. When I’m standing in the grocery line I write in my head and then when I get home I have to put food away and switch the laundry and return phone calls and suddenly it’s four days later. I’m trying, but it’s a process.

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