the un-lullaby

I know that at some point, no matter how hard we try to resist, we’ll probably be sucked into the world of the Wiggles, the Fresh Beat Band, and whatever else little kids are listening to these days. But until then, I’m doing my best to find music that’s already in my collection that I can play or sing for Graham that is soothing and won’t drive Mommy crazy. He doesn’t know the difference, right?

My old standby that I sing to him over and over (and over) again when I’m trying to get him to fall asleep is “I Will” by The Beatles. Thanks to my parents, I feel like I was raised on The Beatles (my mom’s favorite) and anything motown (my dad’s go-to), so we’re doing our best to teach Graham good taste in classic tunes from an early age. “I Will” has yet to fail me in the “please fall asleep” department, it’s easy to remember all the words since it’s short, and it’s a charming little ditty sung by my favorite Beatle.


What’s your favorite un-lullaby to play or sing for your little one?


  1. The Beatles are a favorite around here too. We also do a lot of Carly Simon. Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Rainbow Connection as well.

    You are truly, truly lucky to be getting a 7 hour stretch. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

  2. Great song. Do you have the Rockabye Collection? It’s all the best rock songs (beatles, zeppelin, pink floyd, etc) made into rhythmic lullabies (no lyrics). We play it every night as part of our bedtime ritual.

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