the homestretch

Well now. How did that happen? All of a sudden I’m two days away from my due date, and soon enough there will actually be another person in our family! It’s all a little surreal and I’m sure I still won’t truly believe it until we are settled into our new roles as mom and dad. Oh, who am I kidding — I’m sure there will be moments of disbelief for years to come! I mean: us, parents?? Get outta here!

Aside from a pretty miserable, exhaustion- and nausea-filled first trimester, I have to say that the rest of pregnancy has been pretty good to me. Once I got my energy and appetite back in the second trimester, I felt great. There were certainly a few miserable days (particularly during one of the several heatwaves we saw roll through this summer), but since I work from home and have the luxury of not going anywhere if I don’t need to, it wasn’t all that awful. It helps to have a husband who is willing to do all the food shopping when his wife cries at the thought of stepping foot outside on a 98 degree day!

Being pregnant in the summer does get a bad rap, but if you don’t have to be outside too much, I swear it has its bonuses. Example: being able to slip on loose flip flops every day when your feet are swollen is way better than having to zip up tight winter boots. Or having the ability to throw on a light dress or a tunic and leggings every day instead of a heavy winter coat that has to fit over your big belly. Or the ability to float in a pool and feel weightless for a while :) It truly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Dare I say it, I enjoyed it. (As long as there was central air. No central air, no bueno.)

So yes, along the way I have become one of those women who enjoys being pregnant — I never thought that would happen. And two days before my due date, I am feeling great and honestly not in a rush to get it over with if he decides to stay put for a few more days. I’m excited to meet him, but also enjoying soaking up the last days before our lives change forever. Please don’t hate me, other pregnant women who are over it!

This was a week ago at 38 weeks and some odd days. And this is pretty much my uniform: leggins and a tunic. This isn’t even a maternity tunic — I got it at Target last summer and I now wear it an embarrassing amount. I have an excuse, right?

My biggest cravings have been fruit and pretty much anything with fruit in the name or ingredients. Real fruit, lemonade, fruit snacks, fruity popsicles, orange soda, apple sauce. Fruit, fruit, and more fruit. I have also partaken in plenty of chocolate and salty snacks, so I am, by all means, an equal opportunity craver.

The nursery is mostly done (save for curtains and a rug, which we really don’t need and I’ll get around to getting eventually), and it is most definitely my favorite room in the house. We finally got ourselves a fancy dSLR camera, but I need a better wide angle lens before I can share the room’s true awesomeness with you. Until then, here’s a sneak peek!

So now… we just wait. It’s hard to believe that this journey is almost over, and the next one is about to begin. There were times when I felt like he would never get here! I’m a little terrified of labor and all of the unknowns and worries that come along with parenting, but mostly I’m excited for Nick and I to meet the new love of our lives.


  1. Can’t wait to see more of the nursery. Would you mind sharing what crib you purchased? We’re awaiting twin boys this December and I have yet to make a decision. I love everything you pinned on your board too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You look great, and I’m so glad you have enjoyed your pregnancy! The nursery looks super cute, and you two are going to be excellent parents. We can’t wait to meet your little one and have play dates!

  3. All the very best with your new adventure ;-)

    I just wanted to say that I recently had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and your earlier post about that and your experience of a successful pregnancy second time round have really give me hope for the future.

    And ps the nursery looks amazing, can’t wait for your birth announcement!

  4. Yay! Congrats on being so close to meeting your little one. I’m also one of the few people I know that absolutely loved being pregnant. I could be pregnant forever! Well, I’d miss wine. The nursery is gorgeous! Can’t wait for the big announcement! Keep us updated!

  5. Love it all, love the cabbage patch (so brooke!). Must ask, where is the yellow basket for books from? We could use that…

  6. Love what you’ve shown of the nursery! Super cute!

    Enjoy the last days of your pregnancy to the fullest! I was due on the 20th this month but my little girl was too impatient and surprised us all this past Sunday (11 days early!)! Now I feel like I missed out on a lot of the final moments of anticipation, not to mention we still haven’t finished a lot of projects we meant to complete before she came.

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