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I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Sometimes, I can’t find enough time for all the posts I have drafted in my head. Other times, I can’t think of a thing to write about. This week has fallen into the latter category!

The truth is that I usually write about pretty light and fluffy stuff on here, and it’s hard to keep it light and fluffy when I am feeling sad about the world. As much as I always try to focus on the positive, there’s no denying that there’s also a lot of negative going on around us. Saturday’s tragedy in Tucson is just so, so heartbreaking, and it left me feeling very disappointed in our world. I know there are much worse things happening in other countries every day and I am extremely fortunate to live the life I live, but sometimes that makes me feel even more sad for the things I can’t fix.

I don’t watch the news too often because it just gets to be depressing and I take so much of it to heart, but I don’t like feeling naive about what’s really going on in the world, either. It’s hard to find a balance of feeling informed while not completely losing faith in humanity in the process.

So. That’s what I’ve been feeling this week. How do you all follow current events and learn from them without letting it get you down?


  1. Did you see the Jon Stewart clip I posted in FB? It actually made me feel a bit better (or at least less bitter) about what happened. Yes, it’s a tragedy. But no matter what the rhetoric is in the country, there will always be insane people, and we have no control of that. All we can do is try to make our personal “world” a better one.

  2. Melissa, I missed that — thanks so much for sharing it. Jon always has an amazing way of articulating things like I wish every person in the media could! I knew I could count on you for a more positive outlook :)

  3. Can’t help but think that keeping to “our personal world” is the problem. Staying informed and listening to the news is probably the answer so we can keep this in shit in check.

  4. @Pete, I don’t think he’s saying we shouldn’t be informed or actively trying to find solutions for the problems in our world; but rather that there will always be events out of our control and tragedy will unfortunately always strike at some point, no matter what we do — “Someone or something will shatter our world again.” There will always be a little bit of crazy out there in this huge world. The best we can do is be civil to one another (in our “personal” world), stop placing unproductive blame on people who simply happen to have differing opinions, and refuse to give in to the feeling of despair that comes with tragedies like this.

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