more flea market treasures!

Nick and I visited his parents over the weekend and made a stop at our favorite flea market. We weren’t expecting to come away with any treasures since it was a bit cold out and there weren’t as many vendors as usual, but we actually scored some great loot — for a grand total of $6.

The first thing I spotted was this awesome oversized art instruction book. It is filled with amazing diagrams, instructions and promotional ads from the Bureau of Naval Personnel. I can’t find a year of publication, but it is most definitely old and I would love to frame some of the pages as prints someday.

Might I draw your attention to the female figure dressed in her demure swimsuit, and her male counterpart wearing a…thong??? Good times.

The same vendor also had these awesome “walkie talkies” that I couldn’t resist. (The quotation marks are part of the name, see?) I love the leather casing and the little accessories — I think they’ll be a great conversation-piece when we find the perfect place to display them.

For these two items, we paid the vendor $6, and I guess he liked us because he located another old art book in his collection and gave it to us for free. So nice!

I love my strange and obscure little treasures. Flea marketing is going to be a whole new ballgame when we have a house and more room for furniture, but for now I enjoy finding little things here and there.


  1. The swimsuits crack me up!

    @StephanieMarie – If it’s the same one she visited before, I think it’s out near Mechanicsburg.

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