love someone toniiiiiight

Every couple has those inside jokes and things they love to do together that no one else would ever find amusing. I can’t even believe how much Nick and I enjoy what I’m about to tell you, but it’s true, and it’s undeniable.

We love listening to Delilah together. Yes, she of cheesy music and commentary, and the schmaltzy tagline “Love someone tonight.”

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It all started last summer, when we spent many Sunday evenings driving home together after weekends spent down the shore. We’d be surfing the airwaves to find something good on the radio, and we’d happen upon Delilah. Soon enough, we were placing bets on what the next song would be (my dependable standby is “Wind Beneath My Wings”) and adding our own commentary to Delilah’s conversations with her callers. Sometimes we have to change the station when the actual music comes on because it’s just too cheesy to tolerate, but we always come back to hear more loves stories and Delilah’s advice. More often then not, one of us ends up in stitches of laughter when we’ve added our own little gems to the dialogue.

Dare I say, I now look forward to long Sunday night drives for a little dose of Delilah. I encourage YOU to love someone tonight :)


  1. Oh that’s awesome..haha! We love listening to the 50’s xm station and making up cheesy, preppy, so clean & wholesome it’s disgusting lyrics. ;)

  2. So that’s what Delilah looks like, huh? Well, that’s what her Glamour Shot looks like. I used to listen to her back in the mid 90’s, when I was lamenting the unrequited love I had for my best friend. :)

  3. I haven’t heard Delilah in a long time. I wonder if her real voice is that soothing and calm.

    PS I think you should add “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” my Peabo Bryson to your next song arsenal.

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