lived in

As we started packing up our lives to fit in a UHaul, I realized I didn’t have any recent photos of our apartment. Before the boxes get out of control (they’ve mostly been living in the second bedroom thus far), I decided to document the place I’ve called home for the last seven years. Nick moved in five years ago, and we’ve made changes over the years, but for the most part things haven’t changed too much. I painted the living room walls just before I moved in and they’ve remained the same Benjamin Moore Pale Sea Mist ever since. (I still love the color and I’m not ruling out using it on every wall somewhere in our new place.)

Here’s a peek at our living room, where we spend most of our downtime. This is a view from the entrance to the room, off of the main hallway in the apartment. (PS, I want a fancy camera, but for now, these shots taken with my point-and-shoot will have to do!)

On the wall are four letterpress prints from Old School Stationers, and through those French doors is my office, which you’ve seen before.

We get a ton of amazing natural light through those windows during the day. (These photos were taken just as the sun was setting.) We will miss that about this place; we will not, however, miss the lackluster commercial-grade carpet.

As you can see, the “dining room,” aka our little two-seater bistro table, is shoved into the corner. We’re looking forward to having a real grown-up dining room in our new place, although the bistro table will look a little out of place and miniscule… methinks it’s time to go furniture shopping.

Those shelves were originally centered over a loveseat when I first moved in and I had the room arranged differently; when we bought new couches and moved furniture around, it resulted in the shelves looking awkwardly placed on the wall. I always meant to fill in the space to the right of them with another shelf or some framed prints, but alas, I never got around to it! Oh well.

While the shelf of the coffee table is cluttered with papers and remote controls, it’s worth noting that Nick built that table for me before we moved in together. It has a very cool inlay in the center made up of different sized pieces of wood, with the grain going in different directions. It was my design idea and he brought it to life. I’ll have to take a better picture of it someday to better explain what I’m talking about.

Outside of that single French door is the hallway that takes you to the two bedrooms and bathroom, as well as the stairs that lead you out of our second-story apartment and onto the street. It’s not super exciting, but we’ve made the best of this tiny space by adding a wire rack for our mail, hooks for hanging coats, and some books and memorabilia in the corner.

I never met my maternal grandfather as he passed away before I was born, but he was a window-dresser for big name Philadelphia department stores back in the day. (Wouldn’t that have been the coolest job? Especially when department stores were THE place to shop.) The chair you see in the above photo (which sits at the top of the stairs, and atop which my purse and keys usually sit) was from his old workshop. I love the character of all of the different paint colors layered and chipping off, and I’ll never paint over it.

If I can get some decent photos before we move out, I’ll share some shots of our bedroom, as well.

I can’t decide if I’d like our new living room and dining room to be Pale Sea Mist like our current living room, or if I should go with something more neutral. (I really like this grey that my friend Shannon recently chose for her bathroom.) Let’s face it, I’ll be dressing the place up with color somehow, some way — I’m just not sure of the big picture quite yet.

Do you prefer to keep your walls colorful and the rest of the details neutral, or vice versa?