happy little trees

Nick recently discovered that Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting is on every day. So of course, the DVR was promptly set for a series recording, and we now get to experience the joy of happy little trees every day. (Even though I swear I’ve never seen Nick truly stressed out, he says watching Bob Ross paint relaxes him, so whatever works.)

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Could you imagine a show like this taking to the airwaves today? It would never happen. Yet back in its heyday in the early 80s, everyone knew who Bob Ross was. I don’t know about the kids these days (har har), but I’m pretty sure anyone my age also knows who Bob Ross was. He’s a legend.

In reality, it wasn’t that long ago, but oh how television has changed. It’s scary to think how much could change 30 years from now…what do you think we’ll find interesting then? I bet/hope we’ll find it appalling that anyone ever found Jersey Shore entertaining…


  1. As a kid who grew up without cable, I am so familiar with those happy little trees! What a great show. I also miss This Old House, before Bob Vila started pimping for Sears.

  2. Jason just discovered Bob Ross (after we canceled the cable and he’s the only thing on PBS) and it completely intrigued by how Bob paints. It is strangely relaxing. Funnily enough I watched it a lot as a kid, so now I’m seeing a few episodes for the second time!

  3. I absolutely adored Bob Ross as a little kid. That’s one skill I’ve never had and always wished I did – any kind of visual art. Seeing the seemingly random swipes of paint Bob placed on his canvas slowly assemble themselves into a lovely landscape really made my day.

  4. I LOVE this man. I have no desire to paint, but I could listen to him talk all day. I used to marvel at how he would have this gorgeous painting at the end of the half-hour, and it seemed to effortless. Honestly though, it’s all about his voice and demeanor. I wonder what he’s doing now.

  5. Oh goodness – we loved/hated watching him when we were growing up! I was always fascinated by his happy little trees and fences, but annoyed that we weren’t “allowed” to watch all of the other shows that my friends were able to ;)

  6. My husband LOVES Bob Ross! He comes on every Saturday afternoon and we watch it together – sometimes I think he’s high but the hubs doesn’t appreciate my commentary ;)

  7. I absolutely love the Joy of Painting! I spent so many Sunday afternoons avoiding chores watching Bob. Amazing.

  8. I used to watch him! I always loved how he made the leaves of his trees. He made me feel like a little girl like me could totally do that! :)

  9. Joy of Painting is on in Austria right now too! In English. Happy clouds take me away.

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