Halloween treat (kind of)

Happy Halloween! We didn’t do much this weekend since there was a freak October snow storm on Saturday and the roads were pretty icy, but we did decide to make use of our time indoors (and our ice cream maker) to make some pumpkin frozen yogurt. I had pinned this recipe recently and since it sounded so simple, I wanted to give it a whirl.

image source

I have to admit that we were a bit disappointed with the outcome. It wasn’t nearly sweet enough and it was much darker in color than the image above — Nick suggested that pumpkin pie filling might have worked better than pumpkin purée. Regardless, though, I’m glad we finally broke in our ice cream maker, and I’d like to test it out again sometime soon!

Tonight we’ll be handing out candy at my mom’s house since we don’t get trick-or-treaters, but we’ll be sans costume. What about you? Will you be dressing up?


  1. Happy (belated) Halloween…we just handed out candy and kept a low profile. That looks so delicious!

  2. Happy (belated) Halloween! Bummer the froyo didn’t come out as good as anticipated – it sure does look pretty though!

  3. Mmmmm ice cream! I put an ice cream stand mixer attachment on our wedding registry and, not to be greedy, but I really hope someone buys it for us. I can’t wait to start making our own ice cream.

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