return of the favorite dress

Remember this Anthro dress?

It quickly became a favorite of mine, and it’s super versatile, in addition to being extremely comfy. I even wore it for some fancy new company photos a few months ago.

photo by my biz partner and friend, Maggie

Well, it’s now available in two more prints (and a solid, though I really didn’t like the last solid I tried on in this style). I’m pretty sure this pretty little one has to be mine.

Gathered Hemlock dress in orange


  1. I totally saw that on their site yesterday and was like “I WANT THIS” but I’ll bet Brooke will get it too!

    Need it!! Need to get myself to Anthro soon. I’m so over maternity clothes!

  2. @Susan – thank you!! And I just might get the new one….
    @Amanda Jane – you are so funny :)
    @Kim – it wouldn’t be the first time we had the same item from Anthro! As long as we don’t wear it to the same family gathering, it’s fair game!

  3. Ah – I love it! I have had that dress on my wish list all spring…I want it. You look fabulous in it, by the way!

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