falling in and out of love

I fall in love with houses a little too easily. I tend to be a glass-half-full kinda girl and I pretty easily see the charm and potential in a home that someone else might immediately write off. As Nick and I have begun house hunting, I’ve realized how my optimism and vision can become a little dangerous, because there is much more to a home than a pretty staircase and a great linen closet.

Like a new roof, a sump pump and expensive kitchen appliances.

But you’re just so cute….won’t you be mine?
(Not one of the actual houses we were considering, but gosh she’s pretty.)

In the last month, I’ve fallen in love with two houses that I thought would become ours. I dreamed about them, crunched the numbers to be sure we could make it work, and asked our realtor a million and one questions.

And then, we let them go.

The first house was easier to let go of because we realized we didn’t love the location, and it didn’t have central air. I have come to accept the fact that central air is a pretty big priority for me….eight years of noisy, rattling window air conditioners during sweltering east coast summers will do that to you.

The second house was a little harder to bid adieu to. It was right next to a park, in a town we love, and in a perfectly central location for everywhere we like (or have) to go often. It was in great condition, had central air and everything else house #1 didn’t have, and was priced just a tad higher. We probably could have made it work….but “probably” is not really the word you want to use when you’re talking about such a huge commitment, is it?

The thing is that buying a house is SCARY… and we’re not quite ready yet. Financially, the last few years have been a little wacky for us, and although I think we’ve passed our adulthood financial responsibility test with flying colors (ie., paying off all credit card debt and a vehicle in the midst of unemployment [him] and then self-employment [me]), we need a few more months to be 100% sure that we can do it.

So….I’m not allowed to look at Realtor.com again until at least July. I am sure the right house will be out there for us when we’re ready, but until then I’ll remain just a little sad about the houses that weren’t. Sniff, sniff.

Have you ventured into the world of home buying?


  1. Not to be all “it’ll work out” but….it’ll work out. I was the same way when we were looking at houses. I fell in love with a few, and I wanted out of our old living situation badly, but we decided to wait it out a little longer. A year into our home, and I’m so glad we did it the way we did. I love our house, and it was definitely the right choice for us. It’ll work out!! :)

  2. We played with the idea about buying a new “our” place, but in the end decided to stay put for now. Definitely with you though – I fell in and out of love with the apartments we saw very quickly!

  3. Ugh, I feel like we are so far away from buying a house it’s not even funny. And living in LA doesn’t help much either! Congrats on being almost there!

  4. Brooke, brooke, brooke! This is adorable. House hunting is tricky thought isn’t it? I remember when we first started looking, we thought we could afford much more than we actually could. So silly. I can’t wait to see what you find! You can make anything lovely. :)

  5. It is scary, and 3 was our magic number…but it can be so fun and wonderful, but also frightening and stressful. Buying a house is a mixed bag of emotions for sure. It is so hard to not search all the time (I was obsessed), but just know that when you are ready the perfect home for you will be there. ;)

  6. Buying a home is SUPER scary business. We just bought ours at the end of last month. It’s hard to walk the line between finding The Perfect Home and finding something that you can make your own that you can actually, you know, afford. Good luck to you when you start looking again!

  7. Yes I have… and I gotta say, WAIT TIL IT’S JUST RIGHT. We went into it super fast, barely looked, bought something we saw the first day.

    No major regrets other than we could’ve gotten more of what we wanted if we had waited longer and looked more extensively.

    Oh, and having more money would have helped! It’s expensive to buy all of the things you need right away.

  8. Oh girl, I totally know where you’re coming from. I got way attached to several houses when my husband and I were looking 2 years ago. I also tend to focus on the cute/unique features and can pretty easily overlook the [GLARING] flaws. :/
    I think you’re right in that you WILL find the perfect house for you – best of luck in July. Keep us posted!

  9. We want to so much, but the super scary part for us will be leaving the city and making the move to the suburbs, yikes! We’re just not there yet, but we both just daydream of things like a yard, a second bedroom and a second bathroom, sigh!

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