I pretty much want to be like Tina Fey when I grow up. She’s talented, successful, and humble. And she is one of few people on television who can make me laugh so hard that I cry.

Her new book, Bossypants, was a quick and extremely entertaining read. I particularly loved all of the anecdotes from her childhood, as she grew up nearby and references the Philadelphia area often. And honestly, I’d hang onto her every word no matter what she wrote, because whatever she has to say is always undoubtedly hilarious.

While reading in bed one night, I was laughing so hard that I shook the bed and woke Nick up. The stories of Tina’s teenage and college years are wrought with Liz Lemon moments… and, well, I guess her adult years are, too. Jokes and hilarity aside, though, it was refreshing to read that despite being successful and seemingly naturally funny, she honestly never expected or takes for granted any of her success. She worked very hard to become a strong and independent female figure, but still struggles to balance work, marriage and motherhood like anyone else would — the only difference is that she has a way of explaining it all in a way that will make you fall over with laughter.

Basically, if you like to laugh, read this book. The end!


  1. I too love Tina Fey and her humor. I agree that this book was a quick and hilarious read.

  2. I’m in the middle of her book right now!! Glad to hear another thumbs up review of it. :)

  3. I can’t wait to read this one….especially the Springfield mall part! Everyone was talking about it while I was down there for Easter so I have it waiting for me in my Nook queue (right after a slightly trashy wedding novel).

  4. I must read this book! I almost bought it at the airport on Friday, but I didn’t. Mistake!

  5. HILARIOUS. I read it while commuting on the subway. I must have looked like a crazy loon laughing out loud so much!

  6. Thanks to your glowing review I purchased the book and read it on vacation last weekend. On the airplane on the way there the hubs turns to me and says very seriously, “It’s kind of annoying that you keep laughing like that.” hahaha
    At the moment he said that I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my cheeks. I felt bad for our seat-mate. Perhaps an airplane isn’t the best place to read this book…

    Thanks for the recommendation – it was a great read!

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