bike love

I’ve never been much of a bike person. Until I laid eyes on this beauty.

That is my Aunt’s bike that she generously let me borrow last week while we were down the shore. It’s brand spankin’ new, and she’s nervous to ride it, so I couldn’t possibly just let it sit there all by its lonesome. Nick and I went for a few morning rides around the island and I felt like the belle of the bike ball (if ever there were such a thing) on my seafoam green Schwinn. With an extra cozy padded seat and a cup holder, thankyouverymuch.

Nick found it hilarious that his wife, the self-proclaimed bike hater (I have a bony butt and most bike seats hurt like the dickens within 2 minutes), woke up excited to ride bikes morning after morning. He finally understands that when something comes in such a pretty package, I am bound to fall in love with it. I equate it to being the KitchenAid mixer of bikes.

And now I want one.


  1. Sounds like fun and the bike is very nice!

  2. It’s SO pretty!! I just got a new bike and it’s beautiful and purple!! I originally wanted a cruiser like the one you’re riding, but my husband wanted me to get a super high-tech road bike. We compromised on a nice purple bike with a bunch of gears to make him happy! I have to admit, the gears make it much easier to ride up hills if you’re thinking of getting a bike yourself! This is mine:

  3. That is a beauty, and I am also dying for a bike! I’ve got my eye on a few…and they are very similar to that-cruisers, comfy, vintage feel. So fun!

  4. That is one gorgeous bike. I have bony butt bike syndrome as well. The only time I rode a bike in the last 15 years was when Rob made me bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a horrible experience! But I think I could be convinced to ride again if the mode of transportation was that purty. I think you need one. Yes, definitely.

  5. Ooooo…that is very, very, very pretty.

    For the record, I do NOT have a bony butt…actually, it is well padded…and even the most padded, wide bike seat still hurts my, uh, lady bits.

  6. Love that pic!! I got a very similar seafoam green cruiser bike for my birthday this year!! (But no cup holder, I want!!) Too bad I have ridden it a whole 4 times in the past few months… but I totally agree with the “kitchen aid of bikes” thing! :)

  7. Love the bike. I’ve been lusting after a bike like that for years but my husband says it’s not practical for Seattle.

  8. I also have a seafoam green beach cruiser! I love to ride it but being around cars and other bikers makes me so nervous, I need to get a little braver!

  9. I was driving by the local bike shop yesterday and I saw *MY* bike in the window!! I left Nick an excited message, and he went to check it out on his way home from work… and unfortunately it’s SO not happening :( It’s a pricey little bugger! Maybe my aunt will just decide to give me hers :)

  10. i am obsessed!! This my dream wine tour/canal trail bike…been on my wish list for a few years now

  11. I got an electra cruiser last summer and I was so terrified to ride it. But this summer I did some decent rides, mostly on errands, and kind of fell in love with this much-faster-than-walking form of transportation. I will agree though that the cruisers are a bear to take up hills and park slope is unfortunately on one large hill.
    Definitely a lot of fun!

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