you may have heard that it snowed.

I haven’t mentioned anything about the obscene amount of snow we got here in the Philadelphia area over the last few weeks, because I, for one, was sick and tired of hearing about it all. day. long. on the news. The local affiliates know people are stuck inside for days at a time — must they disrupt all the normal programming to tell us “it’s still snowing!” for three days straight?

We get it. Fluffy white stuff! It turns to ice! Stay off the roads! There’s a guy walking to the store to buy ginger ale for his pregnant wife! How nice of him! And look at this dummy spinning his tires!

… Now let me watch Ellen before I kick somebody’s ass!

I get a little bitter around this time of year, if you haven’t noticed….

While I’m pretty much done with winter, I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. We live above a row of shops and restaurants; the store that is one over from the one directly below us has this lovely drain spout… er, ice sculpture.

It is finally starting to melt a leeeeetle now that the temperature is in the 40s this week (thank goodness), but it’s still a pretty hilarious sight.

Spring, are you coming soon? I miss you. Love, Brooke.


  1. That's an awesome picture! I'm totally feeling your pain since we got very similar weather in DC. I don't want to hear the news utter that four letter word ever again. Spring seriously needs to come….NOW!

  2. I so feel your pain. We haven't gotten as much snow as the East Coast, but we've gotten more than we have in years, and it's been SO cold! I wore a spring-y dress today because I had to get out of this slump!

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