welcome to the new Claremont Road

Hello, friends! Thanks for joining me at my new internet home, claremontroad.com. I hope you like it here!

Big huge mega thanks go to my friend and business partner, Chris, for bringing my design to blog-life and working through all of my crazy (control-freakish) requests. I owe him a giant chicken cheese steak for all of his work. (Seriously, that’s how I’m repaying him. If only all vendors were so easy to please…)

Have a look around and please let me know what you think and, most importantly, if you find any problems or glitches. It’s a work in progress, so your constructive feedback is immensely helpful to make sure everything is running smoothly for my readers. I still need to go back into the archives and fix some of the video links and a few little quirks, so I appreciate your patience while I work through those items.

Thanks again for visiting! Y’all come back now, ya hear? (And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already done so! Just click that little RSS button at the top of the sidebar, and you’re on your way.)


  1. It’s absolutely beautiful. I really love the file folder-ish look and the great shade of purple for the links and header!

  2. as one of your business partners, do i also get a chicken cheesesteak? i believe there was moral support involved…

  3. Hooray! your new site looks amazing. Even though I only know you in “internet land” I am so happy for you!

  4. @Chelsey – ah yes, that’s because the Curious & Company blog isn’t live yet ;) Hopefully that will work soon!

    @Terry – only if you find Jacques the Peacock. Then we’ll talk…

    Thanks, everyone!

  5. Love it! Looks great! Totally hoping my blogging mojo returns soon.

  6. Love it!! (just thought I would say it again officially here…) =)

  7. wait wait! i went to cabrini with chris loringer. SMALL WORLD!

    so excited to support your company. i’ll be spreading the word! ps- i am a copy editor outside philadelphia who’d love some extra work (especially wedding-related stuff) so keep me in mind if you ever need an extra hand!

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