1. Get out! That’s from fossil? What the hell rock have I been hiding under? These are awesome!

  2. @kelsey, I love their clothes! I live near King of Prussia Mall (I think the second largest mall after Mall of America) and there is a Fossil store there. I never knew until a few years ago that they even had clothes, but now it’s at the top of my list of favorites. They always have great color palettes and interesting prints/patterns. The pieces hold up really well over a few years, which is key for me! I am sick of buying cheap clothes that don’t last. For the quality, I think their prices are really reasonable.

  3. Your BFF Fossil is making me seriously eye some new additions to my wardrobe!

    And I agree with Maya, that white sweater would look great on you with your dark hair!

  4. Ok, so hopefully this doesn’t come across too weird for a first comment…
    Can you tell me, how do Fossil’s clothes fit compared to other clothes you buy? I really think I need that tunic, but wasn’t sure if the clothes run big or small. :)

  5. @Andrea, not weird at all! I think their clothes are pretty true to size… I normally wear medium or 6-8 and I think all of my clothes from there have been those sizes. I have the advantage of trying things on since there is a store nearby, but I think their sizing is pretty accurate!

    @Maya and @Marie, awww, thank you! It looks like one of those sweaters I could live in throughout the winter…

  6. Cool, thanks! Sometimes I see something cute, but don’t know if the sizing is all wonky, so your feedback definitely helps!
    PS. I enjoy reading your blog. :) I’m sure I found you through one of the bees. :)

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