victory is sweet

Thank you all for the sweet comments of commiseration and encouragement on my last post. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, though disappointing that shopping can be such a source of frustration for so many of us!

My journey to Anthropologie was postponed until Friday (thanks to about a centimeter of snow that made traffic come to a screeching halt on Thursday evening), but it was a major success when I finally got there! Thanks in part to a generous gift card from a lovely friend and my mom who treated me with some early Christmas gifts (and who also likes to live vicariously through my wardrobe), I was able to pick up a few beautiful things.

my loot, via Anthropologie

I also picked up these shoes at DSW that I am totally in love with and they are a great neutral that will go with a bunch of things! (They’re more of a brownish-olive-gray and much cuter in person, but I’m biased.)

Franco Sarto Expo in Smoke Lux

It’s funny — over the last several years I have learned that it’s better to buy a few key, quality pieces than a bunch of cheapie items, but for some reason I hadn’t been heeding my own advice. I thought I’d cut corners and avoid Anthro at first, but now I know that will get me nowhere (and probably result in tears). Never again, I say. NEVER AGAIN!

My friend Maya suggested working with a personal shopper sometime (complimentary at Anthropologie, J.Crew and Nordstrom, to name a few!) and that’s a great idea I will take advantage of the next time I need a wardrobe refresh and I’m feeling a little lost. While I didn’t have time to schedule that last week at Anthro, the women working in the fitting room were so helpful with their styling suggestions, which is not something you get everywhere. Overall, I’m a happy camper.

Now that I found my good shopping juju, I’m sending lots to all of you!


  1. Ooh, what an awesome array of purchases! I have that shirt on the bottom right in an olive green, and I love it. But I really really want that navy patterned dress.

  2. Yaaay-eah, that’s awesome!! LOVE all your anthro choices, especially that dress!

  3. Yay!! I’m blushing a bit…but thank you. I always have a great experience at Anthro, but I need to try that personal shopper experience too, sounds like it would be helpful. So glad you had success!

    (and what was up with that sprinkling of snow halting traffic?! we felt like we were in Charlotte still, haha!)

  4. Gorgeous! They are all so YOU! I’ve been trying to discipline myself into the “fewer, yet higher quality pieces” mindset. I utilize way too often. I wish I had a “go to” store. Anthro is so beautiful, but I feel like their stuff isn’t me, ya know?

  5. Love the pieces you found. I am sure they are even better in person.
    And I agree with your advice, I need to put that into effect in the new year. I’ll start off by cleaning out 75% of my waredrobe.

    Now, if only there was an Antro in Montreal. Sniff Sniff (delivery fees are astronomical)

  6. Yay! I love, love, love everything you got at Anthro! I have the plain purple version of that cowlneck top and I wear it all the time. It’s very versatile! So glad you found some things that make you feel great!

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