tomatoes = productivity?

Staying productive when working from home can sometimes be a challenge, especially when I’m working on projects that aren’t necessarily for a client, but are more self-assigned. I recently discovered, which employs the Pomodoro Technique: 25 minutes of work, then a five minute break, and after four “tomatoes” a longer break. Every time you complete a “tomato” and hear the alarm, you log what you worked on, so it’s really great for accountability.

Using is what motivated me to have a day free of social networking one day last week. I realized how much time I was wasting on Twitter and Facebook and I needed a break to increase my productivity! For me, it also does double-duty — I need to track my time when I’m doing work for clients, and this way I have a reminder to log what I work on for every 25-minute increment (instead of remembering at 4pm that I should have been tracking my time for the last 7 hours. Oops).


  1. Oh wow. Thanks for this! I'm excited to try it out, since I work from home and (sadly) waste too much time on FaceTwit instead of working.

  2. Gonna try this beginning tomorrow! I have a much more irrational method of being productive—I slack off for a day or two and then I freak out and shut myself off from anything but work for the next few days and then get real pissed when someone (like my husband) calls me in the middle of the day. I know I'm crazy—this might help me remove the stick out of my ass a little :)

    How cool!

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