to tree, or not to tree…that is the question.

For the last two years, Nick and I have not gotten a real Christmas tree. It started in 2008, when he got laid off at the beginning of December, and, not knowing what the future held for us, we decided to save our money and instead got a little fake (and fairly hilarious) tree for $6.99. We spruced it up with lights and a few of our favorite ornaments; it looked silly, but we kind of loved it. We decided to break it out again last year, and it was nice having something that didn’t take up so much space. Plus now, our crappy little $6.99 tree has some sentimental value to us. It’s a nice reminder that we don’t need anything big and fancy at Christmas (or anytime of year) as long as we have each other. Cheesy, but true :)

Nick decorating “mini tree” last year

This year, we are torn. We both miss the smell of the real tree (it’s the best!!) but neither of us is very enthusiastic about going to pick out a tree or moving our furniture around the squeeze it into our living room. In short: we’re feeling lazy. We know we’ll love it once it’s here, but aside from Nick’s parents being here for a short time on Christmas weekend, we’ll be the only ones to appreciate a real tree (and we’ll all be able to enjoy my mom’s real 8 foot tall tree on Christmas day!).

I love the holiday season, but I’m just feeling “meh” about the tree thing this year. Am I officially a Scrooge? Or are you forgoing a tree this year, too?


  1. Definitely not a scrooge – I didn’t get a tree at all until last year. B and I wanted a real tree for our first Christmas together (and that’s when he proposed :) ), and so now it’s just tradition for us. This year it’s only a 3 1/2 foot tree on an Ikea table, but we still went out and got it. I love that your little tree has its own sentimental value – just do whatever works for you guys (and I am certainly a lazy person, so I understand how much that plays into decisions!)

  2. We’re setting up our tree as I speak! Honestly if you’re “meh” about it, don’t do it…you’ll REALLY be hating it when you’re recycling/throwing it out/taking it down. As enthusiastic as I am about having a tree, it’s really the most dreaded chore to get rid of the thing, so unless you’re dying to get one, I’d say…don’t bother! I bet Kim your SIL is putting one up??? Go steal tree-time at her house! :)

  3. I’ve had my sweet, tiny, burlap-sack bottomed tree for a few years now. It fits nicely on the corner of the bar in our apartment. A tiny strand of lights and ornaments fit it perfectly, and also don’t have to be removed at the end of each holiday season. Sometimes I want a real tree too (I know, the smell!!), but I love my little tree. We don’t have kids and visit family on Christmas day, so it’s not that big of a deal not to have a big, real tree now. I decorate the apartment a little bit, but realize that in some ways it’s kind of nice not to have tons of stuff to put away after Christmas too. Don’t feel bad or meh or scroogy! You’re not!!
    Here’s my tiny tree last Christmas…

  4. I think it is very sweet to have the reminder of your love and what you can get through together. We are not doing a tree this year…we are going to wait until we have a bigger place, so that it’s a treat. Without a tree it is easy not to spend much, since you don’t need presents under it! ;)

  5. I didn’t want a big real tree either this year. I hate dealing with the pine needles, and having to move furniture around and stuff too. Plus, we had that whole incident with the tree falling on our house this year. But, that being said, I found this super adorable little 2.5 foot real tree at the store this year! It’s awesome, since it’s a noble fir and sheds less needles, and it makes the house smell great! No moving furniture around though. Maybe you can find a wee tree to get the best of both worlds?

  6. We are being totally lazy about a tree. In fact, I haven’t puyt up a single decoration (of the aybe 5 things we have to put up)
    We go [to my] home for Christmas in Chicago, so not being here the week of Christmas makes E feel like it’s not worth it, and for some reason I just don’t feel like we need the decor. I do have some leftover lights from the wedding I might put on our front porch area, but that’s probably it!

  7. We felt the same way last year. We don’t have much room for a tree in our tiny little apt and we didn’t feel like doing everything that is involved in getting and having a Christmas tree. I don’t think you’re a Scrooge, just like I don’t think it made us Scrooges :) Sometimes you just don’t need a tree.

  8. I was feeling a bit lazy about getting a tree too, but now that it’s up, I’m so glad we have it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a real tree because my cat would just eat it and throw up all over the house, but I’m kind of glad for that since it means our tree is super low maintenance. That being said, if our little tree had a nice story behind it like yours does, I may have stuck with that :)

  9. Just put up your little tree and get some candles that either smell like christmas tree or how you want christmas to smell in your apartment. OR you can go play with the little monsters at my sister’s house with or without me!

  10. I hope you figure out what you want to do–Christmas is fast approaching my dear. I have a real tree and absolutely love it, but if that’s not going to work for you, make your own tradition matter!

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  12. Seriously love your mini tree!

    We have a similar one this year – it is about 3 feet tall…just a tiny little thing. We don’t have the space for a tree, nor do we have the money to pay for lights, ornaments, etc! We decorated our small little tree this year with some new ornaments we bought, and we’re hoping to accumulate a little stash now that everything is going on sale! Perhaps by next year we will have enough to fill a larger tree? Maybe…a 4 footer? ;)

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