the suburbs need food trucks, too

It seems like all the cool city kids have been raving about the fabulous food trucks their city is graced with. Frankly, I’m starting to get a little jealous. The suburbs need food trucks, too! If I saw this one driving down my street, I’m pretty sure I’d run after it — if not for the food, then for the awesome design.

images via Street Sweets, found via design work life


  1. Yeah, why don’t we have the trucks in the burbs?! I agree…we need some. I would specifically like to request a cupcake truck.

  2. i spotted this truck once in midtown – around the corner from my old office. it was so cool looking!

    Maybe you and Nick might one day start your own….

    Perhaps a brig inspired fudgie wudgie truck.

  3. I love food trucks. My hubby and I have actually considered starting up a taco truck in Dallas. Pipe dream?

  4. I live in Chicago and we’re supposedly getting food trucks. I’m totally 100% behind the idea of mobile meals.

  5. Yup. Just went to one today. Mexican BBQ called Mexicue. There’s another one I go to a lot called Cupcake Stop. Good red velvet cupcakes. Maybe you should help start one in Philly? Stationary food trucks need foot traffic, which is may be why they’re not aiming for the burbs yet?

  6. Fo’ sure. :) Technically we’re in the Seattle ‘burbs and up until a year ago we had a sweet taco bus that was permanently parked in a gas station parking lot (i.e. the bus didn’t run anymore). It looked to be a old tour bus circa 1981. One weekend it disappeared (sad face) and the family started selling food out of the convenience store across the street. I still miss taco bus- same food, but it doesn’t taste the same.

  7. I was JUST talking with my mom about this at lunch today! I guess we’re going to have to start our own food truck business…lol

  8. Terri, there is actually a new cupcake truck that has been gaining tons of popularity in Philly… I’m just never in the same area since I spend most of my days in the ‘burbs :) I DO live in a suburb with lots of foot-traffic because of a nearby courthouse, so I won’t give up dreaming about a suburban cupcake truck quite yet!

  9. heehee–i’ve bought several desserts from the guy in that picture! nothing like a food truck, especially one with sweets and with a cute design.

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