sweet Liberty

I have had to maintain a very high level of restraint during recent trips to Target. Oh, how I want lots and lots and lots of things from their new Liberty of London collection… but I don’t need anything, so sadly, it will all have to remain on my wish list for now.

A pretty little top – $19.99
(It pained me to see this one in my size… they NEVER have my size left in the popular stuff!)

A pretty little dress – $29.99

Cute and summery PJs – $19.99

Clearly, I need a canister that matches my bedding

… and a 2-tier dessert tray. For good measure.

Have you scored any great items from the new Liberty line at Target? Please, let me live vicariously through you!


  1. I have purposely stayed away from Target, because I know I will cave and buy too much! You are very strong to walk out without any of this cute stuff! Head over to Mrs. Hot Cocoa's blog. She picked up lots of goodies :)

  2. That top is CUTE! How did I miss it when I checked online the day all of that stuff came out? It's sold out now of course :(

  3. That bed spread is really cute! I admire your restraint, I went last week and bought 2 tops. I haven't gone back sine out of fear that I would buy a whole lot more.

  4. Hahaha. Carly's right: I way overspent on Liberty stuff. I did return a bunch of it out of buyer's remorse. But those canisters are the bomb. I want to cuddle with them.

  5. Since my area isn't into LoL it seems (my Target is fully stocked on everything), I'm waiting for some of the stuff to go on clearance in a few months. I'm staring at those LoL bins to store craft stuff in. :)

  6. It looks like I may have to pay Target a little visit sometime soon! That sundress is too cute. I recently got a fix of Liberty print goodness on final sale through J. Crew. :o)

  7. Its harder to talk myself out of buying things for my little one. I also bought that peacock top. I was Mrs. Peacock, after all! I couldn't help myself. I liked the homegoods and kids clothes better than the adult stuff, though. I didn't think the quality was that great and the colors were a little too bright on the silky fabrics. I would have preferred an adult version of the dresses I bought little E.

  8. Omg, I was at Target yesterday and nearly swooned at all the Liberty stuff! I was there with my sister and had her buy me a pretty storage box in the same pattern as the bedding/canister/trays for my birthday (next month).

  9. I found myself standing in front of the Liberty pajamas, arguing with myself for about five minutes (not out loud)- by myself. They were so cute! I did not cave though!

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