start the year off right…

Happy new year, friends! Did you do anything fun to celebrate the beginning of 2010? Nick and I went out to dinner, then went out for a drink… and then realized we’re old and pathetic and didn’t really feel like staying out until midnight for the ball drop in our town. We decided instead to go home early and were in our cozy PJs in our warm bed by 11:00. Lest you think we’re complete losers, though, we did at least manage to stay awake to see the ball drop in Times Square at midnight. And then we were promptly snoring by 12:02 :-) Oh wells!

Anywho… how about some good juju to start the year off right? I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of the work of Jessica Hische. If it’s at all possible, I’m now an ever bigger fan after reading on her blog that for the first week of 2010, all of the profits from her store will be donated to the ASPCA. Yup — 100% of the profits. How great is that?

So head on over and buy yourself something pretty… after all, it’s for the animals!


  1. Very cool. And we celebrated East Coast NYE here in SF. Didn't even make it to midnight- oh well.

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