So You Think You Can Dance – finale!

Tonight is the final batch of performances we’ll see from Lauren, Kent, and Robert before a winner of So You Think You Can Dance season 7 is crowned tomorrow night. I’ve been rooting for Lauren all season, and I hope she’s the big winner — she is simply fantastic (and I always want a girl to win… girl power!). Kent is still adorable but has a lot of growth ahead of him in his dancing, though his teeny bopper following will surely leave him in the top two. Robert is very good, but I’ve felt very “meh” about his connection with his dances and partners all season.

Robert, Lauren, and Kent

I’ve heard mixed reviews of the season overall, but generally I’ve been entertained. I really enjoyed having the all-stars on the show this year, if for no reason other than having the opportunity to see some of my favorites dance again (Twitch & Allison, mostly). I think there were some growing pains throughout the season to make the all-star aspect work, but I think it panned out nicely and I am glad that good competitors haven’t been pulled down by weak partners due to unlucky match-ups. I think it’s actually ruled out the weaker dancers earlier in the season, because they can’t hide behind their more seasoned partners.

Clearly, it would have been the Alex Wong show had he not become injured weeks ago; there is no denying that he’s spectacular, but I think it has been slightly more exciting to see the competition unfold after his departure, now that it is anyone’s game. It’s a bummer that so many of the girls were voted off early this season, leaving it mostly guys and Lauren for the last several weeks, but I guess that’s what happens with a mostly-female fan-base.

Who are you rooting for?


  1. We went on vacation and moved and we’ve been renovating some and long story short I kind of gave up on watching. I loved seeing Allison, Comfort, and Twitch again, and I adored Kent’s personality but I don’t think he should have made the top three (they voted off Adechicke? Really?). These three have left me feeling really meh.

  2. I think this is Kent’s show to lose, but I wouldn’t be surprised if confident Kent-voters are overtaken by Lauren/Robert fans who go crazy voting on finale night.

    I think Lauren could take it over Kent, simply because she has progressed the way you have to on a reality show. You have to start out good/OK and get better and better each week and then climax on finale night, just like Jeanine did on season 5. Kent has been good and a favorite the whole time, but it’s normally the person that KILLS it at the end that wins.

    I love this show :)

  3. @Koritsimou – it’s funny, I liked very few of Adechike’s routines! I liked that first routine with some personality that he did with Lauren Gottlieb, and then I loved the hip hop he did with Comfort a week or two ago… but other than that, I found his dancing very stiff. He could jump high and has an extremely strong body, but I thought that worked against him sometimes and he was more about “tricks” than strong connection to the movement. I think Kent has toned down his facial expressions a lot and that has made his technique stand out, and he’s a very good dancer… but I don’t think he has showed the same growth as Lauren (as @Pat mentioned).

    @Pat – me too :) I will never give up on SYTYCD!

  4. I’m totally meh about this season, since Alex and Billy are gone. The only reason I watch is to see Alison Holker, and they’re not using her as often as they ought to be. I think it’s going to be a Kent win; he reminds me of Benji – good dancer, slightly annoying and overly big personality.

  5. i wanted alex to go all the way. now, kent has my vote. i don’t know why, but i just don’t like lauren! something about her personality rubs me the wrong way, which is a shame because she IS a beautiful dancer.
    i will say that i like the allstars for the most part, but i really hope they go back to the old format of bringing on 20 brand new contestants next season. doesn’t sound like that will be the case, though.

    and i’m SO pumped to be taking my mom to the SYTYCD tour when it hits st. louis next month!! i’ve never been. :)

  6. I’m so torn; I was desperately in love with Alex’s dancing, and I was so devastated when he was injured!

    However, I am going out on a limb and rooting for Robert; I always love a dark horse, and I definitely think that he has blossomed. I mean, he was in the bottom for a few weeks there, but has made it all the way to the finale. And he is just so darn…pretty… I also might be biased because my favorite routine of the season (other than ones involving Alex) was the one he did with Allison choreographed by Travis…sigh….so beautiful.

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