Saturday’s market

Last weekend I did some flea marketing with my mother-in-law while Nick and his dad did some manly stuff. While we normally love to hit up the Sunday market at Williams Grove* when I’m in town, this time we tried a new (to us) flea called Saturday’s Market*. We decided that Williams Grove has better loot and better bargains, but I still came home with a few treasures… mostly due to the fact that Nick wasn’t there to talk me out of anything!

I spotted this vase in the indoor portion of the market, which mostly had items that were “crafty” (read: crappy), and some more “antique-y” (read: expensive) than the outdoor market. This little item was only $5, though, and I bargained down to $4. I know… somebody stop me.

I love old signs and this bad boy caught my eye about two minutes into our trip — perfect for a kitschy kitchen like ours. It was marked as $3, but the guy called me “dear” and gave it to me for $2. I’ll take it. (And doesn’t it look fun against the teal wall in our kitchen? I just have to secure it somehow.)

I managed to find this one even before I saw the Cafeteria sign — maybe 30 seconds into the trip. I loved this tacky-yet-delightful little rooster from the moment we set eyes on each other, but his $12 price tag was too hefty for me. I kept him in the back of my mind and ever-so-casually stopped by his table again as we were leaving, and I managed to bargain him down to $8 (it was the end of the day and I think they just wanted to get rid of stuff). Holler!

Have you done a lot of flea marketing this summer?

*websites created circa 1997… and clearly not updated since


  1. Great finds! Is that rooster jade-ite? I have no idea what jade-ite is (or if it’s spelled that way, probably not) but I remember watching a Martha Stewart episode years ago where she talked about it.

  2. Lyle goes to Williams Grove every Sunday by 6 or 7 am and I stay in bed. The abandoned amusement park kind of creeps me out.

    I haven’t ever been to Saturday’s market though…

  3. Brooke, Saturday’s Market is LITERALLY 20 minutes from my house. Next time you’re up my way, hit me up! :o)
    I never knew about the one in Mechanicsburg; I’ll have to check that one out.

  4. Fun!! Love the blue vase and cafeteria sign. I’m going to a flea/antique market on Sunday with some girlfriends, WITHOUT the husband. So I’m excited cuz I’ll actually be able to BUY something, hahah

  5. @Serena, I had never heard of jadeite, but I just looked it up and you could be right! Apparently it can be worth something, but I won’t get my hopes up… I may still do a little research, though ;)

  6. I meant to tell you, Brooke, with your Mad Men obsession you HAVE to check out Atomic Warehouse in Harrisburg when you get a chance. They’ve got weird hours, and the guy who owns it is cranky, but they’ve got a-mayzzzing stuff.

  7. We went to Canton, TX yesterday for what is supposedly the biggest flea market in the country. Bought several random things: dresser and mirror set for use as a vanity, non-tacky looking fake carrots for Easter (there is an entire store of fake food items!), a beautiful linen shirt, 2 wreaths. Good times, but it was exhausting, and we still didn’t see all of it!

    I love your rooster!

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