retro pretties

I always used to dream of my future kitchen having a colorful, retro vibe, like an old-fashioned soda shop. I’m not so sure that’s a realistic vision anymore, but boy oh boy, one of these Smeg refrigerators would be the perfectly retro addition to my awesome imaginary kitchen (yet, hopefully with the reliability of something a bit newer).

first image via Design Mom; second image via Casa Sugar


  1. I'm LOVING those fridges. Who ever thought that style would be back in style. I think they have so much more character than the stainless steel fridges!

  2. They sell these at Sears. I was really, REALLY tempted by the red one. They aren't very big though. :(

  3. Ooh, I love these. Looks like something that would be in Rachel Ray's kitchen. (Hate Rachel Ray, love RR's kitchen.)

  4. I love those fridges. Pottery Barn kids had a retro kitchen set in pink or red and you have no idea how badly I want it!

  5. Cathy, it sounds like it would work as a second fridge in a basement or rec room, but maybe not as your main refrigerator!

    Hot Cocoa, I'm with you — can't stand RR, but adore her kitchen! It always reminds me of Monica's kitchen on "Friends."

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