reason #753 to kick myself for donating the wrong stuff

I have really come a long way in de-cluttering our home. When I lived here alone five years ago, the place was completely full of STUFF, just because I had the space and I felt that it should be filled up. When Nick moved in with me two years later, I had a lot of purging to do, and it was not easy. Since then, I have made sure to routinely de-clutter and reorganize the spaces in our apartment that so easily get out of hand with clutter from who-knows-where, and we have minimized the number of duplicate items that we had.

While I’m proud of myself, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten rid of something that I later end up wishing I had never let go of. Example #753:

This pitcher. This chartreuse Russel Wright pitcher that I just happened upon for a whopping $90 at Sundance. I had almost the exact same pitcher in our living room for a few years, and I used it as a vase. I paid no more than $12 for it at a Gabriel Brothers store in York, PA, and I thought it was pretty; it coordinated with our cheery, yelllow-green walls. Nick didn’t like it, though, and when we acquired several more vases as shower and wedding gifts, he convinced me to get rid of the chartreuse pitcher. The majority of the stuff in our apartment is “mine,” so I compromised and donated this item (to Goodwill) that he didn’t like and we didn’t really need.

Now, I am not blaming my husband. Yes, we had too many vases (particularly as people who have fresh flowers in our home maaaaaybe 3 times a year) and yes, it was time to get rid of some clutter. But I would feel a much larger sense of victory right about now if I still had that stupid $12 vase that is a dead-ringer for a $90 version!!


That is all.


  1. been there. for me it happens with clothes too and then I ususally go out and try to buy that very same thing I donated just because now I know what to wear it with. (and I probably donated it with the tags still on to boot!)

  2. Aww… I'm sorry you had to abandon your pitcher! I have my grandmother's Russel Wright American Modern collection in green… and hubs isn't a super fan of it either, but I adore it. I just keep it hidden away from him so he doesn't remember we have it!

  3. Well, better to get rid of a few things I later wish I hadn't then to drown in clutter… Have you seen that show 'Hoarders'? Scarey.
    However, if you ever happen upon something that you REALLY don't want to part with, you can always bring up the 't-square in your trunk' example. You just never know when some things are going to come in handy :)

  4. also when decluttering, it's good idea to run items past your favorite friends who may be in desparate need of a vase… ahem.

  5. I hear ya! I desperately need to de-clutter, and I am much better than I used to be, but I never know WHAT to get rid of! :( I've really started watching what we purchase lately, as we don't need more "stuff" that I'll just want to toss in a few years :)

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