quintessential summer beer

I’m a beer girl. In the last few years I’ve also acquired the taste for wine, but I will always love a cold beer on a hot summer day. My absolute favorite summer beer? Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom Cream Ale.

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It’s not a super “beer-y” beer (if that makes any sense). It’s sweet and light, but not overly, sickeningly fruity or sweet like some fruit beers… just delightfully refreshing and perfect for summer. We can’t always find it while out and about, so it’s a treat when we do find it. Otherwise, you can find me sipping on a Hoegaarden, a Sam Adams Summer Ale, an Iron Hill Light Lager, or a Blue Moon Belgian White in the dog days of summer.

Do you prefer beer or wine? What’s your favorite summer drink?


  1. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one!!! I love a good Blue Moon or Hoegaarden. Purple Haze is another good one. Most days however I’ll take a cold glass of Vihno Verde or another white wine.

  2. Oh! I’ll have to try that; I’ve never seen it before. I’m with Kim though, I like Vihno Verde in the summer. Yum!!

  3. I am so with you! I’m much more a beer girl than a mixed drink girl. (Sometimes wine if I’m feeling fancy.) And it sounds like we have similar tastes, so I’ll have to try your Orange Blossom recommendation. My husband and I are anxiously waiting to sample our first homebrew: a summer weizen. (Should be read this weekend!)

  4. I am going to have to check our stores for this beer. It sounds great! (Even though it’s only 10 am… hah!)

  5. I’m actually more of a wine girl, and love a rose in the summer. However-my husband is a beer man (what man isn’t?) and has taught me a lot! I’ve learned that beer can be like a fine wine, with complex flavor…and I’ve been enjoying a lot of our local brews! My favorite right now is La Fin Du Monde, but I think I would like the one you have featured! I also love Iron Hill’s light lagers…

  6. I’m more of a beer drinker, although I really like both wine and beer.
    But there’s something about summer ales! yum.

  7. If I weren’t allergic to alcohol, I’d be all over this. My favorite summer drink is mint iced tea :)

  8. Beer, most definitely a beer drinker. That sounds very yummy, I’ll have to give it a whirl. My very favorite beer is Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar, it goes great with sugar cookies or Nilla wafers but that is most decidedly a winter treat. For summer, I’ll indulge in a crisp Blue Moon.

  9. I like an Orange Blossom every once in a while too – it tastes kind of like orange soda beer, only not as sweet.

    I do love Sea Dog Blueberry as well in the summer. So yummy!

  10. Stella and Sam Adams Summer Ale-also, a blueberry ale that a Midwest brewery(near me) has is AMAZING! And I sure love a grey goose and 7up;)

  11. I am a beer girl too, but almost exclusively it’s a Hef or a Corona. This year I’m indulging in Wailua Wheat (Kona Brew Co) a bunch as well.

  12. Yum! I’m enjoying one of these this evening :) Another great one to try if you like cream ales (and if they have it on the east coast) is Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice Creama Cerveza. Love it! Also Deschute’s Twilight Ale. I’m in Oregon so we’re kind of spoiled with lots of tasty beers around here.

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