Monday music, vol. 44: The Longest Time

Every Monday, I’ll be sharing a pick-me-up song with the hopes of helping you begin your week on a positive note. Happy Monday!

I loved this song before I understood what a capella was. Still a sing-along favorite!

Buy this song here.


  1. True story: In high school 8 of the best guys from A Capella choir formed a doo-wop group by the name of The Perfect Package (oh yeah, we were cool) and got really, really popular. This was one of their signature songs, thanks to a skinny little Irish tenor that could get out the high notes. They even threw a concert at the end of their senior year. You’d have thought the Beatles were in town.

  2. So much fun, I’ve been emailing my friends and family for a long time on Mondays the same thing…fun youtubes of favorite songs. The best part is the response back when I’ve made them feel 16 again!!

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