laundry day, the claremont way

Last night, I was doing a few loads of laundry. I washed one load, put it in the dryer, and then got started on a second load in the washer. As I always do, I put the detergent in first and started running the water to dilute the detergent before adding clothes.

While the washer/dryer was running, I did some work. And then the washer buzzed to let me know that its cycle was done. So I opened it up…

And it was empty.

I never put the clothes in.



  1. Haha, LOVE when that happens. :)

    Btw, I read your last post, and I am in LOVE with your wedding playlist… such awesome songs! Ours was huge, and we didn't get even close to playing them all. It was sad…

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