hello, September.

The ninth month of the year is my favorite. The heat and humidity starts to subside (but it’s still warm enough that I can wear my favorite sandals with jeans), there is a bit more time before the chaos of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is upon us, and it just feels like possibility is in the air. Can’t you smell it?

September is also the month that I married my main squeeze; the weather was 72 degrees and sunny without an ounce of humidity on our wedding day (the hair and sweat gods were looking down upon me that day). If ever we have the urge to go on an anniversary picnic, we could do so in style with this awesome suitcase picnic table.

found via Fossil Blog, originally posted on SwissMiss, sold at PicnicFun.com

Now we just need a beautiful day and an extra $124 and we can be on our picnicking way. Or maybe a blanket will suffice for now…


  1. Happy Anniversary month! I remember patiently waiting for photos of your wedding on Wedding Bee! They were worth the wait ; )

  2. Happy September! I actually looked at that table for our patio. I never take care of our patio furniture, so Rob won’t let me get any. He wants to use those ugly canvas folding chairs instead, so we can keep them inside when they aren’t in use. But I thought this would be a good compromise! That way we could still enjoy dinner outside occasionally!

  3. hooray for september!
    happy anniversary!
    i agree that picnic table is perfect. we too are happily settling for a blanket for now, great picnic weather here in north dakota!! :)

  4. I couldn’t agree more! Ah, September. I can’t wait to officially call this our “Wedding Month” forever too. Right now it’s still just some magical fantasy on the horizon (or three weeks away…) Happy Anniversary soon!

  5. The start of Autumn – yay!
    I love the picnic set. We were given 2 very cool picnic baskets/backpacks for wedding gifts but the only thing we don’t have is a sweet table & bench set like this. Of course, we do have an anniversary coming up ;)

  6. september has always been one of my favorite months too!

    New to your blog…looking forward to reading more!

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