… is cheerful, bright tights on clearance for $1.98 per pair. Well, thank you, JCPenney — I guess I can handle winter for a few more weeks, after all.

I always hate when the stores start stocking spring clothes so early — it’s always just about the time when I’m desperate for a few new sweaters to get me through the last dreary month or so of winter. But it is nice when premature spring clothes equals fabulous winter clearance bargains for moi! Have you found any good ones recently?


  1. I haven't found any great bargains, but I have loved all of the colored tights this winter! It's my favorite new trend:)

  2. It's 60 degrees outside, so it's not too early here in Alabama. Maybe they need to stock seasons according to geographical regions. I've snagged quite a few deals from JCPenney too.

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