following the famous

By now, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that I have a little obsession with popular culture. Ask me who sings an obscure 80s song, and the answer will come out of my mouth before I even have to think about it; mention Julia Roberts, and I’ll tell you the name of her twins (Phinnaeus and Hazel, in case you didn’t know); ask who Carly Simon wrote “You’re So Vain” about, and I’ll tell you that only she and one other person knows the right answer, but a lot of people think it’s about Warren Beatty (and I’ll also remind you that Mick Jagger sings back-up on that song).

Sometimes I surprise even myself with the useless pop culture knowledge that resides in my brain. I cannot find my way to my friends’ houses without my GPS, but I can tell you that the girl who plays Brittany on Glee was actually one of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” backup dancers at the American Music Awards, and she was cut from season two of So You Think You Can Dance in the Vegas round. The first time I saw Mad Men, I immediately recognized Betty Draper (played by January Jones) as one of the American girls from the scene at the bar with Collin in “Love, Actually,” where she probably had all of 4 minutes of screen-time. I love watching obscure performers get their big breaks, make names for themselves and pursue their dreams, and I love having “known” them when they were just getting started.

I don’t even know why I know this stuff. It’s like a sickness.

But I can’t help it. I LOVE pop culture. And the internet only feeds my obsession. Twitter makes it oh-so-easy to know what celebrities are doing at all times. Blogs make it fun to see what they’re really thinking (like the hilarious Ingrid Michaelson, the tree-hugging Jason Mraz, and the average girl next door Kelly Clarkson, whose open letter to Kanye West written after the MTV VMA debacle is priceless). keeps me constantly in the loop with the latest happenings in Hollywood. I do draw the line at TMZ and Perez Hilton, though — let’s keep it classy, ya know?

The way I explain it to Nick is that I love peeking into the lives of celebrities because, sometimes, compared to their crazy lives, it makes me feel very normal. And there is nothing wrong with normal. Plus, ya know, I like to see what they’re wearing.

Are you a pop culture fiend?


  1. I like reading Perez but I think that's about it. But I too, love seeing obscure performers get big breaks…whenever I see someone who looks somewhat familiar I'll go check IMDB right away to see what else they've been in!

    P.S. — I didn't know that about January Jones…I knew her as the girl in American Wedding (aka America Pie 3).

  2. Ask me anything about history and I will give the biggest blank stare, ask me anything about pop culture and I can rattle off more useless info than anyone would need :) So, I can relate!
    Oh and 80s songs,! The Hubs is constantly amazed haha

  3. I know wayyyy too much pop culture information lol. I am a perezhilton reader-he's not the classiest man but he cracks me up. I also have popsugar on my google reader. Good to know I am not alone in my vices…

  4. Yes, I am a fiend! So much so that I applied to some American culture PhD programs. Did you know one can write academically about reality tv and skinny jeans and American Idol? True story.

  5. I'm not but Danny so is! He just like you on the song and random movie references. And anytime we go anywhere in LA he always spots celebrities!

  6. Oh my god, I am SUCH a pop culture fiend! I knew all of those things in the first paragraphs oh my god… I've rationalized it, too, and try to make something academic of it–"people study" or whatever. Oh, and I love this blog so far! I've followed you from Weddingbee here and I just LOVED your wedding and writing! Bless you!

    Oh, and I read Oh No They Didn't. It's not too classy, but the community/commentary is really great.

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