1. I saved that same photo, and was going to post it on my blog, too. I love it! My kitchen has yellow walls and a lot of teal accents (and my yellow kitchenaid), but I’ve recently been including red items as well (with the arrival of a gifted red rice cooker). I would love to have all those colorful pots and pans.

  2. I have a kitchen with red accents and I got teal china thinking I’d do teal and red. And then I put the china in the cupboard. And now it’s just red. But you have inspired me again…. hmmm :)

  3. I love those colors! I adore the teal wall in your kitchen as well. I lusted after the ice blue mixer for awhile, but ended up with the pink one. And now, I’ve upgraded to the pro series, in white. Sad. I’m determined to add some bright colors to my kitchen at one point though!

    on another note, anyone want to buy a gently used, pink, KitchenAid stand mixer? :)

  4. i also have a pink kitchenaid mixer and i really wish i could switch it with the ice blue color. i love the colors of your dream kitchen!

  5. Favorite!! Whenever we have a house, THIS is my dream kitchen color scheme! So far, I have a red kitchenaid and a teal teapot:)

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