Don Draper makes smoking look cool.

I, personally, have never smoked. (Nope, not even one cigarette. Yes, I am a goody-two-shoes.) And I know that smoking is wrong. I do not condone smoking in any way.

But I swear — Don Draper makes it look oh-so-right.

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Really… can you argue with that?

Don’s behavior so far on this season of Mad Men has not been very… charming… but I still love him and I’ll give him a “free pass” for at least a few more weeks in the hopes that he cleans his act up a bit. Roger Sterling makes me laugh the most, but when it comes to the looks department, it’s all Don Don Don. What do you think of this season so far?


  1. My husband said to me last night that Matthew Weiner was genius in having this Christmas episode air now, because thinking of the holiday season is the last thing on people’s minds…and therefore the utter bleakness of the episode wouldn’t drive viewers over the edge.

    So far I’m enjoying the season, though, because I feel like we have to see Don fall down before he can right himself again, and I’m loving all of the SCDP action–that feels very realistic to me. Bobby has been offering some great moments of comic relief (“There are *eggs* in my bed!) and I’m thrilled that Sally is getting more screentime.

  2. I’ve never smoked anything either! People think i’m weird. or that I’m lying. :)

  3. love this show. we just got hooked on it a few weeks ago and ate thru our netflix stash of seasons 1 – 3. can’t wait to dive into season 4.

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  5. Smoking….so bad but oh so damn good.
    The show needs people smoking. Especially Don Draper.
    It’s makes everything seem more authentic.

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