do you believe in miracles?

I am very excited for the Olympics this year. Although I’ve never been much of an athlete myself, I have always been drawn to sports stories of overcoming the odds, sacrifice, and triumph; that’s what the Olympics represent to me. While many great Olympians go on to collect millions of dollars in endorsement deals, there are no monetary guarantees (like in the world of professional NFL and NBA athletes) when they arrive in the Olympic village; those athletes are all there first and foremost for the love of their sport and their devotion to being the best.

My favorite Olympic moment is one that occurred a few months before I was even born, but it is beautifully reenacted in the movie Miracle. The story of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team is so uplifting to watch, and it was undoubtedly uplifting to live through during a time of political uncertainty and tension. I know, I know — it’s just another Disney feel-good story — but if you can say you didn’t shed a tear during this film, I’d reckon to say that you’re lying. I won’t spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and rent it, pronto. Nick and I watch it at least once or twice a year, and neither of us can ever make it through with dry eyes.

What is your favorite Olympic moment? What sport are you most looking forward to watching during the Vancouver Olympics? (PS, don’t forget to watch the opening ceremonies to look for my friend Kasia! She’ll be the cute prego sporting her Vancouver pride!)


  1. I thought Miracle was a great movie. I'm quite the fan of the "Magnificent 7" – the U.S. gymnastics team from 1996. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, so that one resonates the most with me.

  2. I LOVE the Olympics. There was a swimmer in the Sydney Olympics who was the first athlete ever from his country to be in the games. He swam a middle distant qualifying race and he was still swimming 10 minutes after everyone else was done but he kept going. Everyone in the place cheered for him including every swimmer in the place. It was amazing. He finished eventually and it was like he broke the world record. That's why I love the Olympics.

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