as much as he loves fishing

Nick is a fisherman. He loves everything about fishing and does it as much as possible. When he was laid off from his job shortly after we got married, he went fishing at local creeks as much as possible — it got him out of the house amidst the frustrating days of endless job searching, and I firmly believe it kept him from going positively bonkers. Rainy and snowy days were always more difficult for him to get through because he couldn’t go fishing. He loves the peacefulness and the skill involved, and he still comes home happy even if he doesn’t catch anything. (And even if he does catch something, he releases it, so he really fishes simply for the fun of it.)

Now that we have a shore house in the family and he’s been able to surf fish quite a bit, he looks forward to it for weeks if he knows that we’re headed down the shore for the weekend. The other day, he was trying to explain to me just how excited he is for an upcoming weekend down the shore when he can fish, but he had trouble putting it into words. He tried to relate it to something that I really love to do, and we both had a difficult time coming up with something.

I don’t think I love anything as much as he loves fishing.

my cute little fisherman…he started early (but he wears sunglasses now)

Don’t get me wrong — I love my job and I love designing. But that’s not a hobby…it’s my livelihood. And while I wake up most days and look forward to the work I have to do, it’s still work. That’s very different from doing something purely for the enjoyment of it — no money depends on it, and there is no one else you’re trying to please in the process. I love blogging and reading, but they don’t give me the same high that Nick gets from fishing. I tried to embrace running, and I like it so-so, but it will never be my passion. I tried knitting and got bored after making a few scarves. I love to dance, but good adult dance classes are hard to come by in the suburbs (and a bit of a burden on my wallet). I’m a tad envious that Nick has found something he loves so much and I’m not sure I’ll ever have that passion for a hobby.

Do you have a hobby that truly completes you?


  1. Carpentry, surprisingly enough. I love building furniture, it just gives me such a high to start with a pile of lumber and finish with something awesome. I’ve become a fan of woodworking on a smaller scale too, and I’m hoping to be able to create some income from it. I just don’t want to take the joy out of it though, so I’ll probably stick with making them gifts for a while.

  2. i get where you’re coming from, and often feel the same way. i don’t really have just one thing that makes me excited and feel complete.

    maybe it’s not a traditional hobby that will be the thing that you find completes you. or maybe it’s multiple things that add up to make your life passion. do you like to cook and try new recipes, or plan get togethers with your girlfriends? can you get completely wrapped up in a good book? are you great at helping friends put together cool outfits or decorate their houses?

  3. I’m the same way; I don’t have a hobby that I feel like “completes” my life really. I’ve always wanted to take one up that I love, and sometimes I think photography might be it, but that’s an expensive hobby too. =/

  4. I don’t have a hobby. I wish I did and am always looking for one. Micah has music and really loves it. I want that.

  5. I think that dancing would be my hobby that I absolutely *love*, but like you I don’t really do much dancing at all because of money and difficulty finding good classes. In high school and college I was lucky to have some great classes (in college they were free!) and I really miss it. Why is it so hard to find laid back classes that are reasonably priced?

  6. I’m just like you… there are a bunch of things I like doing, sure, but nothing like my husband’s hobbies. He’s into playing his guitar, skiing, tennis, sailing, mountain biking… blah blah blah… lots of cool stuff. What do I have? Uh, I go to yoga sometimes? I blog? Lame. If you find something cool, let me know, maybe I’ll give it a try :)

  7. If you want to take an adult dance class, today’s Philly Groupon is $22 for 5 dance classes in Ardmore!

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