adventures in swimsuit shopping

Remember last month when I posted about the adorable polka dot swimsuit from J.Crew that I just had to have?

After a few of you mentioned how “me” it was, I caved and ordered it. And, well — hmm, how do I put this? — the girls, we’ll call them Donna and Debbie (if you catch my drift), did not really fit in this suit. Not at all. It bordered between hilarious and offensive, and I was certainly not leaving my bedroom, let alone going to the beach, looking like that.

Talk about disappointment; it was so cute and a perfect fit otherwise, but the whole spilling-out-of-the-top part… not a good scene.

I reluctantly returned it and instead ordered the same suit I bought last year, but in a different color. This style has a variation for ladies with their own Donna and Debbie duo going on up top. I really like it, but I’m still mad at J.Crew for not offering the polka dot suit for the ladies with a little extra somethin’!

It has been a constant struggle over the last, oh, 15 years, to find swimsuits that fit right. Where do you find suits that fit your body the best?

Images via J.Crew


  1. I'm struggling with this too! I'm plus sized, so I have trouble finding something my age in my size. Every print is so "maw maw"…ugh. I wear a tshirt over my suit because I hate it to bits!

  2. Victoria's Secret mostly since you can order bra-specific sizes. I can't wear one-pieces unless they come in LONG – otherwise there is a whole lot of yikes going on.

  3. No advice, but I have the same problem. Lucked out with a cute suit from TJ Max (I think it was a Calvin Klein?) but J Crew is the other place I go.

  4. New to reading your blog (although I followed you on Weddingbee), but had to chime and second the vote for Victoria's Secret. I love that they bra-specific sizes (and some super cute prints – last year, at least… haven't checked yet this year!)

  5. Quick word of advice: If you have one of those lovely J Crew Jersey suits which never gives anyone muffintop, and go to Hershey Park, DO NOT GO on the Wave Rider. Trust me. I know from experience.

  6. I'm new here but I sympathize with your plight. I'm super short so a one-piece bags around my hips, I like to do the two-piece tankinis from Venus and Victoria's Secret for swimsuits because you can get a size to fit on top and bottom.

  7. I have a similar problem. My top and bottom are not the same so I end up buying two pieces. It's a little nerve wracking size my stomach is not as flat as it used to be, but I find the fit is better for me because I can pick out pieces in the appropriate sizes. My favourite suit is from J. Crew.
    I hope you enjoy your new suit! :)

  8. I'm so happy that Lands End has started carrying DDD swim suits. The quality is fantastic and the styles are cute.

  9. I love Athleta for swimwear. They sell all tops based on actual size, so I can easily find something to fit my "Donna and Debbie" and bottoms are sold separately so you can size to fit there, too. I have 4 or 5 taninkis from Athleta and they are all super supportive and hold me in.

  10. I really really love my J. Crew suits, but I usually have the OPPOSITE problem as you … My "Donna and Debbie" are really too small to be worthy of names. Everything is always too big. So when I found that extra-small really does mean extra-small, including in the bosom area … I was pretty ecstatic.

  11. I love the color of the one you chose! I have the opposite problem with swimsuits. Nothing going on up top, so the bandeau ones (which I love) refuse to stay up! So annoying. I usually mix and match sizes when I shop for swimsuits at Target or Old Navy: that way, I can mix and match patterns, too!

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