a Swift confession

Confession: Taylor Swift songs make me teary-eyed.

I can’t help it. I mean, have you heard the song “Fifteen“? Don’t you remember how much high school sucked sometimes? And how it’s now so clear to see just how naive you were back then? High school had it’s high points for me, but it was also full of some not-so-high points of feeling misunderstood, let-down and unsure of where I fit in. This song takes me back to that confusing and frustrating time that is still a bit bittersweet for me to think about.

I’ve found time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you’re supposed to be
I didn’t know who I was supposed to be at fifteen

I don’t often openly admit to enjoying mainstream pop music because, well, it’s just not “cool.” But I can’t help but have a soft spot for Taylor and her extremely honest and sweet songs. It’s refreshing to see a 20 year-old performer who has her head on straight and who seems genuinely humbled by her success. I can’t help but like her.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on her song “The Best Day.” Don’t. Even. One word: sobfest.

So, there you have it — I am seven months away from being in my thirties (oy), and Taylor Swift songs make me teary-eyed. What’s it to ya?

Now please tell me I’m not the only one…


  1. I secretly love Taylor too. When I hear her songs it totally takes me back to exactly where I was in high school. You Belong With Me is like the soundtrack to my teenage years. I told my husband to listen to her lyrics to get insight into who I was when I was younger.

  2. I try not to listen to them because I'm afraid I'll get hooked. But somehow "You Belong With Me" slipped through the cracks and I belt it out at the top of my lungs when I'm in the car. :) It seriously could have been my middle/high school anthem. I was always "in love" with my guy friends, who dated prissy prom queens. Oh Taylor! If only you were there for me in 1994!!!

  3. I unapologetically love Taylor Swift. My 34 year old husband downloaded her music for HIMSELF too! No shame here- she's an excellent performer and songwriter.

  4. I'm the only person I know who admits to not being able to help but like Taylor Swift. Sure, I took some harsh judgements and shunning for it- but lets face it, she's worth a little shunning.

  5. It's not a secret that I love Taylor Swift! And, I'm still waiting on an email from you missy!

  6. You're not the only one! I really like that Fifteen song. It totally puts me back in high school.

  7. I totally agree…and is it wierd to say that my husband is the one who got me on to Taylor Swift? I used to make fun of him for listening to her music and now I'm just as big of a fan :) LOVE "the best day" too!

  8. I am not in love with Taylor Swift, but the other Taylor- so so hot!! And yes, I am already 30.

  9. You are not alone! Kinsley loves Taylor Swift, and I totally find myself tearing up at her songs!

  10. Have you watched the music video for The Best Day?!?! It's currenly available On Demand via Comcast. It makes my husband cry! It's just the sweetest video ever…makes me really excited to have some babies and make some home videos :)

  11. I love her too. There, I said it. It all started for me when she sang "Tim McGraw" at the country music awards a couple of years back… Just can't help myself.

  12. You are not alone! Everytime I hear "Fifteen" I think "where was this song when I was in highschool?"

    Soooo good…. Taylor = my guily pleasure!

  13. I love Taylor too :) My ringtone when Hubby G calls is "You Belong With Me"

  14. Seriously a little hard for me to admit this, but I think she's adorable! And that "fifteen" song gets me every time. The whole – when you're fifteen & somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them – SO true! It makes me feel all twitchy and teenager-ish just to listen to it…bittersweet is truly the right word for those years.

  15. Well, no, of course it's not just you, Brooke. Even those of us on the other side of (gulp) 40 can't deny her appeal …

    Nicely written, by the way!

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