the most darling little cake ever.

The other day I discovered inchmark, a ridiculously and wonderfully pretty blog written by a former senior art director of Martha Stewart Kids and Martha Stewart Living. Her name is Brooke, so naturally, I love her. (We Brookes gotta stick together, ya know?)

Now, I have always loved baking, but don’t do much of it lately because I’ll eat whatever I make and I already haven’t been to the gym since before my September wedding (oops). The last thing I need are sweets tempting me. But I have still always wanted to take a cake decorating class so someday, when the occasion calls for it, I’ll be able to show off my mad skillz and wow my party guests with my beautiful creation.

Today, this inchmark post made me realize that maybe I could actually do this without taking a class or thinking I have to be able to pipe perfect little roses out of icing (because those things look kind of old-fashioned, anyway, and not in a good way… and isn’t that what they teach you in those classes?). After looking at so many wedding cakes over the last year and a half and thinking that fondant was the only solution to making a cake look pretty, this post was a refreshing reminder that plain old icing can still look really pretty (and not necessarily like a weird store-bought cake wreck). This cake is absolutely darling and lovely, but totally simple.

Yes! Polka dot cake! I can do that!

Definitely check out inchmark for the tutorial on how to make the little icing dots (without dealing with fondant). Even her how-to photos are darling.


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