The magazine gods heard me…

Remember this morning’s post about having too many magazines and needing to unload a few? The post where I joked that now I’ll have to get some new magazines to fill the void? I got home from work today to a FREE US Weekly magazine waiting in my mailbox. And apparently they want to send me three more free magazines in the coming weeks. Seriously. How funny is that?

I used to subscribe to US Weekly — it was my trashy treat to myself each week (even though I really aspired to be sophisticated enough to read People, but I couldn’t afford a subscription). US would conveniently arrive on Fridays, so after a long week of work (at a job that I was not very happy at) I would indulge in some smutty celebrity gossip, cover-to-cover. Nick always knew to just let me read my magazine in peace, and then our weekend could begin and I would be human again (until Monday morning struck again).

Once we were engaged and we started trying to save a bit better, I gave up my subscription. I guess it’s been over a year now (but don’t worry, I’ve been keeping up on all of my celebrity gossip via I guess the free issues are all a marketing ploy to get some of their subscriptions back up in this troubled economy, but I’m going to try to resist temptation and just enjoy the free month of magazines they’ll be sending my way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go read about J. Lo’s big fight with Marc Anthony and learn how to get buff like Jennifer Aniston.


  1. I like to read US Weekly at Borders… sometimes I’ll sneak a Martha Stewart Weddings too, but I swear I’m getting better! :)

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