SYTYCD | week 8 elimination

Beautiful (and really, really different) opening number to “Send in the Clowns.” It’s nice to have a more ballad-y, refined number, as opposed to some of the more wacky and fast-paced performances that are typical for the group numbers. I really enjoyed this one.

Cat’s wardrobe selection: questionable. Yet she still rocks it.

Did I mention to you that I’m nerding it up with my BFF and going to see the dancers on tour this fall? Hollaaaaa ;-) This will be our third appearance on a SYTYCD tour. Hehe.

I actually clapped like a little child when Cat announced that Jeanine had made it through to next week’s finale. She 100% deserves it and I’m so glad that my 24 votes last night counted! (Seriously… I voted for her 24 times. I am like a teenager when it comes to this show. It’s a little sad.) I only voted for Brandon 9 times. But it looks like that paid off as well ;-)

I’m so pleased that they’re bringing back dancers from past seasons to perform some favorite numbers… hello, Katee and Twitch performing “Mercy”! One of the best numbers from last season, without a doubt. And, oops! — I had kind of forgotten about Jessica and Will! Chelsie was one of my faves last season and it was nice to see her return with Joshua (who finally cut his hair! So much better), AND with Mark for the stunning “Bleeding Love” number. But the Jabbawockies (or however they spell it)… I have to admit that those masks thoroughly freak me out.

Melissa is a beautiful dancer, and although I agree that it was her time to go home (because Kayla is too amazing to not be in the finals), I am thrilled that she made it so far and I hope she has a lucrative career as a dancer in some capacity. I have been unexcited by Ade for a few weeks now, so I am glad that Evan is moving on to the finals and Ade is heading home. He’s a very entertaining dancer… I just don’t think his strengths were in partnering or technique — he was more spins and tricks to me.

So, I got my prediction mojo back! I’m THRILLED that next week’s final will be between Jeanine, Kayla, Brandon and Evan. Can’t wait!