SYTYCD | week 6 elimination

Another Thursday night, another elimination show, and another cool opening number. I like when the choreographers play up the strengths of the different dancers — Melissa obviously being the standout in this performance.

I didn’t predict a bottom 4 in last night’s recap post, as it’s getting harder and harder to choose (let’s face it — they are all extremely talented!), but I’m not at all surprised with the bottom two girls, Randi and Melissa. I was unimpressed with Randi in both performances last night, unfortunately, and I was bored by Melissa’s solo. Also not shocked by the revelation that Kupono and Ade are in the bottom… I thought both of their solos were just strange, and unfortunately Kupono did not have a chance with the Paso Doblé he and Randi performed.

Alas… it’s the end of the road for Randi, a.k.a. Unitard Girl, and Kupono, the Hawaiian with the wacky costumes. Looks like I have my prediction mojo back, if I do say so myself! I wish these two dancers the best but I think the right ones were sent home.

Next week, the competition gets even tighter! (And Ellen Degeneres is going to be judging?? That is pure awesomeness!)