SYTYCD | week 1 elimination

Wow, did I call it, or what? The bottom three couples, that is. I’m actually fairly impressed with myself, if I may toot my own horn!

I was not right about both of the dancers who would be going home (although I got one right), but I still would have voted the same way after seeing the dancers’ solos.

I’m sort of shocked that they let Karla get by with that obviously improvised solo… it was just weird and sloppy, and dancers in past seasons used to get reamed out for pulling that sort of thing. I thought Paris and Asuka had a better shot, but alas — au revoir, Paris. I wasn’t her biggest fan or anything, but I didn’t think she should get the boot so soon. I am sad to see her go and I think Karla better step up her game if she wants to stick around after next week.

I am not surprised that Tony went home, as he just isn’t as strong as the other 9 guys. He is adorable, has a lot of heart and I hope he goes far in the future, but it was clear from his performance last night and his solo tonight that there are more skilled dancers who deserve a spot in the top 18.

Were you surprised by the results?